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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Quote Originally Posted by whitty View Post
    Back slider fishing today in 14ft of water at around 18yds out,had 66 roach to 12ozs,5 or 6 perch to 10ozs and a tench around 4lbs,amazed me how when you get a roach over 4lbs there's always a like up its harris...
    You’ll get plenty of likes if landing a 4lb roach.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Correction(to the tablets auto correction),4ozs.

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    Today I fished the second fixture at a fishery in Royal Berkshire.
    I won the first one with 56lb of F1’s so I used the same rig etc as last time.

    The wind, although not as strong as last week, was slightly problematic at times but bearable.
    Double maggot over Sonubaits F1 dark sweet fish meal and micros on a 16 Drennan red maggot hook @ 11m in open water, I started off well with a skimmer then a steady run of F1’s.
    I had an island which was out of pole range so I cattied out maggots regularly for an hour whilst I pole fished. After potting in more groundbait on the pole line I let it settle and chucked a waggler at the island. Picked off more F1’s and some roach before going back to the pole line.
    During the 6hours there were a few squally showers and at one point in the afternoon, a heavy hail and sleet shower...
    Had 23lb1oz at the scales which won my section of 6 and got me an envelope..

    Top 3 all had 38lb with the ounces separating them.

    22 fished.

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    Sunday, I met up with Binka at a huge gravel pit, hoping to find some of the large perch that congregate around this time of year. If anyone remembers Dr John, we were in the right place (but it was at the wrong time). We laid out a banquet of chopped worm and caster, but to no avail. It's a good job we find plenty of stuff to talk about; you have to do something when you're spending 7 hours without a bite. It was interesting to see how Steve goes about catching these perch, and I'm up for another try later on.

    I'd just set off down the track to the fishery yesterday when a horrible knocking/creaking noise broke out around the ns rear wheel, over any large bumps. So this morning I poked around at it - then booked it into a local garage. It's a smooth road all the way to the marina, so I headed off there for the afternoon. With even more water on, the banks I usually fish were well submerged, so I squeezed in between some bushes, dug out the old platform that lives in the boot, and ended up quite comfortable

    I set up the usual slider, and fed the usual 3 balls of groundbait that normally pulls some fish in. The roach didn't seem to be around, and I only caught a couple of perch in the first couple of hours..

    And when, eventually, roach did turn up, they were in a skittish mood and didn't stay in one place long. I tried worm for the perch, and tares for the roach, but neither worked, and maggot proved the best bait today. I caught odd fish at all depths from 6' to 12', with occasional fish taken by pike, which might explain something

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Kev, that boat with the green top and black hull in the background--- you don't by any chance remember why it was called ?

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