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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Went to my reservoir today as its deep and it can produce on those hot sunny days when other waters die.
    One tench, one bream, lots of rudd and four carp. This was the biggest at 16.12. About time I had a bend in my rod. I must say the Shakey 1.5 Sigma Specialist are great fish playing rods.

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    Got a new toy for my birthday!

    And a kitchen pass for the morning so went to play on my local lily pond with it. Took with me a light lure rod and a selection of jigs, rubbers and topwaters with a hope for a black bass, as well as a fly rod hoping for a nice Rudd or two on a dry fly. I’d already had a practice paddle on the river at home, ( note to self:- don’t drift too far down a current until you know you can paddle back against it... stinging nettles, brambles and bare legs don’t mix well!), but getting in the water with steep banks, deep margins, and flippers on feet was challenging, still with no broken rods or dropped phones it was deemed successful. With the high temps we’ve had here the last couple of weeks I decided to wear trunks and bare legs and what a great decision, it was like spending the morning in a warm bath!
    I started with a weedless frog lure that I could cast right into the lilies without snagging, unfortunately it also failed to snag a fish, so changed to a light jig to cast around the concrete piles and jetty of the boathouse/ restaurant, still no success. As I moved round the lake I baited a few areas with crust hoping to bring some rudd or carp to the top and noticed a point where there were fry scattering, so paddled over and every few minutes there’d be a swirl and a load of fry getting stranded on the lily leaves. I changed to a small white grub on a bare hook and started getting takes straightaway but kept failing to connect until eventually one little black bass hooked itself
    ( anybody out there know if “French” black bass are large or small mouth bass?), small maybe but as a first it became an immediate PB! I started whittling the lure and hook size down hoping to connect with a few more, which seemed to work. And then got the fly rod out which second cast got me a double hook up ( another first), cracked it! I thought....
    after a few more biteless casts it was back to the rubber grub which was now just a tail on a size12 and a few more small fish followed and finally one more to the flyrod, but no troubling the landing net
    So..... big thumbs up for float tubing, a very intimate and discreet way to fish, getting to places you can’t cast to. I’d love to get one out at Frensham ponds fly fishing for rudd, perch and pike but unlikely. Thumbs up for black bass they’re feisty little buggers and hope to connect with some bigger ones. And thumbs up for Pacific Peche for a bargain, float tube, flippers and pump for €101!
    PS this all occurred yesterday but a 5 am start and a generous helping of Bordeaux Supérieur in the evening somewhat delayed this post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Johnson 2 View Post
    ( anybody out there know if “French” black bass are large or small mouth bass?)
    Black bass are large mouth bass. Large mouth are divided into two sub-strains Northern and Florida strain, I think in Europe we have the Northern strain.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Went to coppice Lane this week - got there late but the hot peg to the island was free !
    Started setting up but noticed a guy three pegs down was fishing across me to the island
    So I asked him where he was fishing

    "To the island mate"

    so I thought lets not spoil his day

    "Ok I'll move down "

    Inevitably I had a mare and he had a red letter day - I think he had 30 carp all about 10lb plus

    He came and showed me one "look it wont even fit in the net"

    I had 3 carp to 10 lb and numerous hook pulls

    went home miserable

    Went to the canal today with just a whip and some casters

    caught about ten roach in an hour

    and to be honest enjoyed it so much more than the commercial - where you measure the fun in how many carp you had out
    I love catching these big fish that run the clutch

    but there was something cool and relaxing about fishing a gin clear canal - with a whip

    of the two I enjoyed the latter much better

    I have caught numerous big fat carp I can do the hook a duck fishing any time I want

    So Sunday I will be back at Coppice fishing the silvers lake
    Not expecting to catch
    Fishing Tom Sawyer style with a light whip and a few maggots and maybe some groundbait
    and just enjoying being out side
    catching a few roach
    ( I do love a good roach )
    and simply being relaxed

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Just back from 3 days ( nights) fly fishing for sea trout in North Wales. Of all the fishing I've ever done this is by far the most challenging and physically demanding. It requires full on 100% concentration.

    River was low,slow and looked stale. Neither of us had a fish 1st night though we both moved fish and had tugs. It rained all the following day and we nearly didnt fish but though the river had only risen marginally the pace was better and it looked fresher. More fish moving and I had a small fish of around 1-12 on a surface lure and one other splashy rise that didn't hook up. Phil blanked but also had a couple nip the fly.

    Last night there were clearly more fish in the river but I think they were running on the extra water. I rose fish to the surface lure twice but both times they came short. Meanwhile Phil had a fish of almost identical size to mine from virtually the same spot.

    And that was it. A fish apiece and any sea trout on the fly at night is hard won. For various health reasone ( him and me) we've not fished there together for 3 or 4 years so it was really great to be back and renew aquaintances with blokes we first met there over 12 years ago....and to prove that,despite advancing years, we can both still just about manage it.

    Beautiful part of the country too. We didnt fish during the day, preferring to visit some wild and fantastic places and see the ospreys nesting on the Dyfi estuary and Cleweddog reservoir.

    I am completely knackered now but what a brilliant few days.

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    Smile Re: How did you get on?

    Last night I went down to the weir on the Colne in town.
    It’s about 16m wide and depths range from 8’ directly below the sill to 1’ on the gravel bars downstream.

    With a 15’ rod I used a 3.6g chubber float with a 3g Olivette+2no 6 droppers and set it at 8’ deep.
    I used a dropper to get some maggots down onto the bottom as tight to the sill as possible. Throwing or catapulting them would see them go everywhere else but.
    Double maggot on an 18 dropped in went straight down and it wasn’t long before the float disappeared and a fit perch was landed.

    You’d think the float would be washed downstream by the force of the flow but it doesn’t, it just sits there in the white water gently wafting to and fro.
    Loads of perch, minnows, dace, chublets and roach were down there, the bites were really fast.

    As it got darker later on I shallowed up and tried some casts down on the gravels, once again good sized dace and some big gudgeon were lurking down there. I fed heavily with maggots hoping to tempt a bigger chub or perhaps a barbel but I think the bank is too high and the water too clear.
    The angler must stick out like a sore thumb?

    Later I was joined by another interested party...

    I packed up at 9:30 before it got too dark.

    This morning I saw my neighbour drive off at 7am which could only mean one thing. Chucked the gear in the car and was soon down the canal near Hemel in our Saturday spot...

    As I was setting up, my gnome-like neighbour landed a clonking roach which took a fancy to his flake. For mid July it wasn’t particularly warm, in fact it was damn chilly, especially when the breeze stiffened occasionally. I also caught a good roach first chuck on maggot followed by a few chunky perch then 2 skimmers. I thought we were in for a good day but once the first couple of boats went through and turned the water to chocolate it went completely dead...

    At least the first two hours were productive and I was pleased we’d started early.

    Instead of staying until 3pm like usual, we were gone by 12midday....
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Been on the crucian lake today,had 11,one smaller one around 12ozs,all the others were between a pound and a pound and a half,plus quite a few roach to 6/7ozs.Reggie Cray got the moonstomp...
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    I took my wife and three grand children to Hawkhurst Fish Farm. I never take my own tackle in order to give the kids my full attention. The youngest one, Logan, is two and I set up a three metre whip for him. He caught his first fish today, a small carp of about a pound.

    The two girls had seventeen carp each both using five metre whips.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Nice one Stinger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
    If you understand what you’re doing, you’re not learning anything................

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Went to the local pool today - sadly we call it the chav pool absolutely stuffed with fish but also lined with litter
    The council used to come and clean it up every month but they have given up

    It was quiet at first and I was getting a bite a chuck fishing maggots on a whip
    all very small roach but nice fish

    then , on a whim , I moved left a bit got a nice "dink" and the elasticated whip went out about 20 yards
    "I dont go this far on me holidays I thought"

    kept the pole low in the water but inevitably the hook link failed

    stepped up a little bit ( 6 LB BS hook link ) had less bites but was still catching

    then the shouty McShouty family turned up from ShoutsVille and guess what it was Shouty day

    so i wrapped up this would be a beautiful pool if it had a fence - its stuffed with some great fish but its also like fishing next to a landfill site - shame

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