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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    A day on the Trent yesterday, a little extra fresh water but the levels were good. I chose a swim that looked smooth and ended with it flowing a little slower so went in with pellet bait and a feeder. Big mistake, it was a snagpit that cost me two feeders in the first hour so I upped sticks and moved further down by three swims.
    First throw a boat comes piling thro at daft mph on what was a sandbar covered with 24" of water, how he didn't ground was a mystery , oh well, maybe said good thing as if he did come to ground I would have to move again.
    Two friends turned up and I spent the next hour chatting but time (and a change of tide) was pressing and I carried on an hour later hoping for a result in the next and last two hours available.
    It was a deep lazy swim and in the next hour and a few minutes I had seven good Bream before they mysteriously decided to move elsewhere or wait until dark, a puzzle as always but I had done ok , so happy with the relatively short day out I headed back home on the A1.
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Grabbed 1/2 pint of maggots as I fancied an evening by the bank float fishing for roach. I was catching at different heights in the water column.
    Need to take more maggots next time, ran out by 8. So I switched to pellets and had nothing.
    Always pleased to see a crucian and a tench, plus I got a few roach too.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Quote Originally Posted by dave58 View Post
    Hello S-Kippy,we spoke briefly on Johnsons this morning,before you departed for Harris,good move mate, could it just did not happen today Johnsons.I packed up at 13.00 without a bite.

    Cheers Dave
    P.S say hello to Dave the driving instructor for me hope he,s keeping well & catching.
    Hello Dave, good to see you again this morning....glad I went on Harris now. I will certainly remember you to Big Dave when I see him next.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Back to the gravel pit for another go. Hordes of tiddly perch, one roach, a couple of tench (3lb 8oz and 4lb 5oz) and a real surprise with four proper eels. I only weighed the first, which I suspect was the biggest, but the other three weren't far behind. It was 2lb 4oz. Probably the first eels I remember catching in the better part of twenty years.

    3lb 8oz.

    4lb 5oz.

    2lb 4oz.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Two months into the season and I've still not fished for anything except barbel and chub. I won't keep this up for long, but I've noticed that my understanding of how they behave as the river goes up and down like a yoyo has increased. Sunday evening, there was still 18" on and a good colour. A mate who can't catch a cold at the moment suggested we fish together to boost his confidence, and we were sat 15 yards apart. But when your luck's out, your luck's out and fishing 4 til 7.30, I ended up with 8 barbel to his none. At 6.30 he came and sat on my box while I drank tea and provided encouragement. After a fishless half-hour, he went back to his chair, Before he'd sat down I was playing another barbel. Neither of us knew what to say. (Although he might have muttered something.)

    Tuesday evening the river had shed most of the extra water, and the colour had largely dropped out, so instead of a feeder with smelly groundbait I opted for a light bomb fished close in over some baitdroppered hemp and caster. I has a 2lb chub after a few minutes, followed by a barbel

    Followed by a spell of cat and mouse with chub. I was using hair-rigged punched flavoured meat on the hook - it's gone down well with the barbel this year - and the chub were managing to chew it off without getting hooked. After a rummage in the bait bucket, I swapped the meat for a couple of Source mini boillies and cast to a different part of the swim. I'd hardly put the rod down when pulled it over

    I bought myself some scales a few weeks ago, and this one seemed worth weighing. It went 12lb 12oz and looked like a fish that had scope to grow even bigger.
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Must be torture sitting a few yards from you whilst you’re bagging up and not getting a single fish, poor chap could be damaged for a long time, I know I would!

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Out early again yesterday, away at four twenty, half a mile on my way and the heavens opened, and it rained heavily all the way to the fishery, o well I’m on my way I’ll see what it’s like when I arrive, luckily five minutes wait and it stopped, at least I was the first there.

    At the peg I wanted at least, so set up, usual barbel rod and pin for the margin, and tip rod and fixed spool for across, both with method feeders, filled with soaked two mm pellets, and either chocolate orange wafters, or eight mm robin red pellets on the hair.

    It was a bit slow today, but there had been a lot of overnight rain which never helps , but I was getting a few carp, although I seemed to be loosing about half of the fish I hooked, just came of mid play.
    How did you get on?-c82ba1b7-13e3-41fd-828d-9f5db1cdf272.jpg
    How did you get on?-5d0d999b-e9b8-400d-a3ea-4916b92adf31.jpg
    How did you get on?-981f78ae-8c6a-4444-9e9b-8109019fe725.jpg
    Any way I landed nine carp and one bream, but easily lost as many more, at least it stayed fine, apart from one shower, felt cool for August, I kept my coat on all day, certainly not T-shirt weather, back to my other fishery tomorrow, fancy a change from carp, will have a go for the silvers, I think.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Went for an evening session at the lake, for a change, set up on a shady bank with the sun on the water and did a few casts to the island (40yds) to get clipped up. Fished a single rod on an alarm with a 2500 Baitrunner which proved to be a wise decision due to the violent nature of some of the runs.

    Used an in-line bomb cube, 15” hooklength and a banded 8mm Dynamite Baits pellet with others fired over the top as feed.

    First half to 3/4 hour were slow with only a small F1 and a mirror of a couple of pounds. After that it got busy with fish, for both myself and my mate, kiting right and left and causing problems with lines crossing. Not had that before in the years we’ve fished together.

    During the course of the evening I must have fired out around half a kilo of pellets and got the fish into a sort of feeding frenzy as it got to the point where I would cast, tighten up and reach for the caty, and the alarm would be off.

    Having lost a bait band I switched to a Quickstop rig and a pre-drilled Dynamite Baits 8mm red Garlic pellet (Jeez, they stink) and these were hardly touching bottom before being taken.

    Took my Darent Valley 0.75lb Specialist to have a go fishing floating crust, however this proved to be abortive due to a stiffish breeze, ducks and a solitary Med Gull that was mopping up the freebies so I didn’t give the DV it’s christening.

    Anyway, finished with 20+ carp, F1s and a solitary bream. Weather permitting, I prefers the evenings to the daytime as I no longer rise at sparrow-fart and there’s often a “dead” period from late morning to mid-afternoon.

    No photos, sorry, but they’d only be the usual net/mat shots.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    7 codgers fished the GUC at Berkhamsted yesterday, a warm, sunny day with a very light breeze. Whether it was the rather chilly night before or what, it didn’t fish as well as 2 weeks ago when the 2lb roach and 3 over a pound came out.
    The bigger bream also failed to show. The gudgeon however were all over whatever bait was presented, they were tiny ones too.
    I caught the biggest fish of the day, a 1:14:0 perch which tested my light waggler set up.

    Octogenarian angler Brian clocked up his 3rd consecutive win with 6:2:0 of roach taken on hemp and tares..

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Some lovely fish caught there so well done to all. It's heaving it down here and has been since dawn. When the app says a 99% chance of rain I believe it!

    I plan to emulate Skip tomorrow with fake corn. I do find fresh corn doesn't last when out of the can and soon turns into a horrible gloopy mess. Does putting glug of some kind on the corn help. I have never ever caught anything on fake bait.

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