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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Felt cold yesterday morning, we was at the fishery before dawn, to get a good peg, first there so had first choice, loaded our Korum barrows up and went to the best pegs, there were two more arrived just after us, so worth going early, had to wait for daylight so had a natter and catch up with the other two.

    Started fishing at six thirty, usual method feeder set up, and fed some two mm pellets to start with, soon had carp in the margin feeding, but not picking the baits up, the cockles which worked well last week were ignored, as well as pellets,wafters,mussels,and paste.

    Tried some bacon grill and got some interest, caught one carp and had a few bites but didn’t connect with these, they seemed to be spooking of either the line, or the feeder, so thought I’d try my pole, used a top kit plus two sections, with strong elastic, red hydro, to strong as it’s hit and hold to stop them reaching the willow branches lower down.

    First proper bite after some liners, I hooked one which took of for these, applied full side strain which resulted in a large crack and the sound of splintered carbon as my number four section shattered, a cheer went up as the others heard this, not funny though, tried to hold the fish on what was left and the line snapped.

    So back to the barbel rod, and changed to a bomb instead of feeder, did manage two more carp on bacon grill, but missed or lost a good few more, this peg has probably been fished every day since April so there getting wise to most methods now.

    Called at the tackle shop on way home, and ordered a new section, £25 delivered from drennan, should have it by the end of the week, so not to expensive at least.
    No photos today, not really a day to remember.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    16 codgers turned up yesterday at Bulbourne near Tring for our weekly fixture. We haven’t been able to fish here for a year or so due to cheapskate commuters forcing the local pub to close it’s carpark in the mornings. It is undergoing a refit so the new manager allowed us to park there.

    A popular Venue with the club which obviously swelled the ranks of codgers fishing.
    I drew on the turning circle so it was 4bb waggler and a long chuck across.

    I catapulted small balls of gb across to the target area and baited my 16 B611 with worm section and maggot.
    It wasn’t long before I got my first bite, a skimmer.
    More skimmers and the odd roach kept me busy while I hoped and prayed the passing boats weren’t going to turn around in it and stir it up to chocolate...
    As usual it went quiet around lunchtime with just the odd skimmer. I’d been pinging hemp close in all morning so tried double caster over that in hope of some roach. The only bite I got was another small skimmer..
    Weighed in 4:1:0 which put me 6th overall.

    8lb 12 won it with 6lb second.

    Can’t beat a bit of canal skimmer fishing in my book..
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Fished the Dam again yesterday, a bit of relaxation therapy after the river session. Out quite early arriving at about 6:30 just as dawn was breaking. Not a breath of wind despite the forecast ~10mph. Couple of loose balls of GB, couple for the bottom, nothing special, just black crumb, crushed cooked hemp, crushed/chopped corn, dead maggots, a few micro pellets and whatever reddish gb I have around at about 1:4 with the crumb. It's mostly sandstone round here so I just mix it til it looks something like I think the bottom is. Two rods one for the margin, one for around 12M to a 16, 2.75g and 4bb to 18 antennas. 4bb is a bit big for the margin but I use it for fishing on the top at 12M as well and the margins aren't shallow. Very slow start. Nothing til about 8:30 which is unusual. You can usually guarantee to pick something up with a maggot albeit small. Quite cold in the shade of a high bank and began to wish I'd fished the West side but soldiered on.

    How did you get on?-ld_20190917_125936_sml.jpg

    It slowly picked up, most going to maggot but some nice Roach to 6oz and no sign of Mr Pike, maggot being the favourite. Everything caught, bread, caster even Tare. Saw some rising to the loose fed maggots so fished the margin rod and picked a few nice ones up. The wind picked up late morning and it was all over the place. One of those days when the wind briefly stops and you realize your casting isn't as bad as you thought it was. Despite the wind being quite strong at times the float was pretty much staying put. It went quiet sporadically so switched to fishing about 2M from the margin, it's about 4', mostly picked up on the drop but a nice stamp of fish and it continued like that throughout the day, switching between the margin and 12M either on the bottom or up top. Packed up around 5pm relaxed and happy with 45 Roach and one small Perch.

    How did you get on?-ld_20190917_084539_sml.jpg

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    I took the dog out for an early morning walk down by the river and to my surprise he managed to spook a group of carp out of an incredibly shallow section of river when he went for a drink. After dinner and a quick visit to the supermarket, to buy a loaf of bread and tin of corn, I was back on the river bank hoping the carp where still around.

    In the crystal clear water it didn't take me long to find the carp. There was a group of three fish, two small commons and a better mirror. They where patrolling a small section of river only moving 20 yards at best. Taking care to stay hidden I watched them for a good hour until I thought I'd figured out there movements. When they'd just drifted out of sight around a bend I introduced a handful of corn and went back to watching and waiting. The commons where back first and circled the bait, they where interested but wary. The mirror showed no wariness and straight away started feeding on the corn. I watched the fish picking up single grains of corn until there was none left, they must have spent a good ten minutes looking for more when all the corn was gone.

    How did you get on?-r.jpg

    When the carp drifted around the bend I got my rod and dropped it onto a clear patch. I had just sat down when the mirror drifted back into the swim, the carp must have watched the corn drop as he made a B-line for the hook-bait and picked it up straight away, the line slowly started to lift and I struck. The fight in the clear shallow water was heart in the mouth stuff as the carp plowed for one set of snags and then another with me just managing to turn the carp at the last minute every time. Slowly I got the better of him and in the end I had to jump into the river to net the fish.

    How did you get on?-.jpg

    Extra rations for the carp spotting dog tonight!

    How did you get on?-d.jpg
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Had four hours free, so headed to the pond at 9.20am.
    Bait came from my little stash at the back of a kitchen cupboard. Bacon Grill, Sweetcorn, Bread and a few worms I dug out the garden.
    Plan was to use a tiny crystal waggler, fished over depth, with a BB shot holding the bottom.
    Punched pellet of Bacon Grill was first on the hook and soon had a nice Roach in the net.

    How did you get on?-20190918_105913-800x600.jpg

    Had 11 fish in just under 4 hours. Some really nice hard fighting Tench were the highlight, also a few Carp made an appearance. Chopping and changing bait kept the bites coming, the last few fish took a cocktail of worm and corn.
    A very enjoyable few hours.

    How did you get on?-20190918_145556-collage-800x800.jpg

    How did you get on?-20190918_145641-collage-800x800.jpg

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Nice fish and an especially nice Boxer. I do like Boxers with a docked tail.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    I know exactly where that is.....on my list of canal spots to try.

    Ddint realise GJ was closed.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Lots of silvers and a couple of pristine accidental mirrors on my reservoir today. Still loving the Acy ultra.
    See my post in Bait Box re senior moment.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Today's light winds tempted me out this afternoon. Went a little further down the river stretch in the hope of some roach, or at least a few more of them amongst the hordes of dace. Having never seen the water before, I plumped for a slow glide. Something a bit different from my usual pacey water choices. It also looked a lot deeper.

    With the main flow just to my side of the centre of the river, I started on the waggler. On plumbing up, and a few test runs through, I was dismayed to find little more than three feet of water. Not quite the Stygian depths I expected.

    Having set the waggler up, I gave it a go until I was sick of it, before swapping over to my favoured long rod and centrepin set up. First chuck (on the waggler) was a roach, which pleased me immensely. Then the dace turned up with a vengeance. Ended up with 70 dace, 13 roach and 2 chublets.

    Now I've found a few more roach, I may have to break out the hemp and tares.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Dace like a tare,a lot...

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