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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Quote Originally Posted by john step View Post
    I am sorry about the lost tackle but also a little glad that its not just me that has these moments.
    And so am I!

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    The GUC in the town centre is usually chock full of house boats,
    it’s rare to see a gap anywhere. So when I noticed one as I drove across the bridge, I was down there like a shot.
    I’ve not fished this end of the canal for years so it was a chuck it and hope affair.
    Set up a waggler and maggot rig and cast across to some overhanging trees. Nothing happened for a while and I wondered if it would? There are some better spots further up where the Colne crosses the canal but today the boats made those unfishable.
    First bite a small perch then a chublet followed by a dace, ruff, roach and skimmer. All small but I was fishing for bites more than anything..
    After a while the blue sky and bright sun gave way to dark clouds and a strengthening wind. Then it chucked it down...

    I stayed for 5 hours and although it was a far from memorable day’s fishing I was happy with my meagre net...

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Back to my prebaited swim on the river (see two previous hdygo posts ). Its been hard work but I have continued baiting almost without fail every day and my attention has become focused on some really good Roach which have made an appearance. It was also noticeable that Cormorants have also started to become present in the swim each time I arrived, another sign that there was allot of food about.

    I knew this was a situation I had to make the most of while it lasted. Its one of those rare times when you know you have the tactics, bait and even location right & all I needed was that bit of luck that the bigger ones picked up the bait. I had tried to swing things in my favor by fishing hard pieces of Dog biscuit on short hairs with big hooks (size 8). The idea being to let the smaller fish tug and yank at the bait and hopefully it would survive till a big one gulped the whole lot down. I get tugs and trembles on the tip which I ignore till it pulls right round and the fish have been a very good average size.

    With limited time I’d been cramming in short sessions of couple of hours as and when I could. During one of these sessions I had already caught a couple of nice Roach when I hit into a better one. As soon as I struck I knew it was a big one as it stayed deep but had the ominous thump of a Bream however as it rose it started to jag and I became interested. Then a big silver flank and red fins came in view as a clonking great Roach came to the surface & I slid it into the net. It had taken the hook right back, a sure sign of positive feeding.

    How did you get on?-roach1.jpg

    I had to pack up but as conditions looked spot on I returned again late that evening. Not so pleasant arriving at 10pm in the dark & rain but I had to make the most of it. 6 more Roach and a Bream came to the net, 5 of them below but nothing to match the earlier whopper.

    How did you get on?-roach-group.jpg

    The venue is the size of the Middle Thames so there is allot of water for the fish to lose themselves in and with no one else fishing for them & no information to guide you there is no option but to find & catch them off your own back. Its not easy but it makes the rewards all the more worthwhile. its exciting fishing as literally every bite at present could potentially be a big one.

    I go to allot of trouble not to be detected, thats the entrance to my swim...

    How did you get on?-swim1.jpg

    Its cosey down there but out of sight...

    How did you get on?-swim2.jpg

    With the weather looking stable for the time being hopefully there is more to come.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Took my youngest lad on a fishing trip with my little nephew and their mate. My little fella has caught a few fish in the past, but is not really that into the fishing, unlike my little girl who is away at Brownie camp and gutted she couldn't come!
    The plan was to get my nephew and his mate, who didn't arrive till late due to footy training, their first fish.
    3 metre cheapo whips from Decathlon and a pint of red maggots, our weapons of choice.

    Within 5 minutes the nephew had his first fish, a little roach, quickly followed by a perch! The little guy was very pleased with himself!
    My boy had a couple of roach, then hooked into a decent mirror carp, we got it tantalisingly close to the net before it snapped him off.

    How did you get on?-20191019_133941-collage-800x800.jpg

    Loads of roach and a couple of perch later, their little mate showed up with his Mum, just as it went dead! About an hour of desperately trying to get him a fish followed. My lad hovered behind him with the net ready, the little nephew feeding the few remaining maggots around his float. A couple of lightning quick missed bites later, we had one maggot left! Boom! He struck into a roach! The fat lady was just about to begin singing but he had done it!

    How did you get on?-20191019_105508-800x600.jpg
    How did you get on?-20191019_115126-800x600.jpg

    Pulled out some lovely roach, all in excellent condition. Think we may have got a couple more anglers of the future hooked! Nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

    How did you get on?-20191019_115131-800x600.jpg

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    ^^^^ great to see youngsters enjoying their fishing.

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    Visited Lakeside Fishery Cublington today....first visit for me.

    Decided to fish the lower lake rather than the Carp lake.

    Setup the Feeder rod with window feeder, using a worm based groundbait with sweetcorn added and fake corn on the hook link.

    Very little action today, hardly any sign of fish movements at all.

    About 3 hours in, couple of knocks and then the tip went round.....

    Lovely looking Tench. my first ever....

    The was about it all day...I did lose what felt like a smaller fish very close to the bank, but nowt else....

    Will return here again and try the Carp lake.

    Anyone care to guestimate the weight ?
    Attached Images Attached Images How did you get on?-img_1875.jpg 

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hertsbloke View Post
    Anyone care to guestimate the weight ?
    With the feeder as a guide, it's difficult, but I'd guess at 1lb, although it is quite thick set so maybe more (the feeder might be putting my guess off).

    We're in a transition period with fresh cold rain entering the watercourse the change in daylight hours and falling temperature, that feeder may have been a bit on the large size?

    Well done on the capture, that's a nice looking fish

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    I rarely fish weekends but domestic arrangements this week got me longing to wet a line. I went back to the farm lake that was blocked with agricultural vehicles a couple of days ago.
    No photos but I fished lasooed prawn for 6 carp on the float. Two biggest 11.5 and 17.25.
    No more fishing for a few days. Chauffeuring duties re wife's appointments.

    PS. My Drennan 3 metre twistlock handle is no more a twistlock. I cannot see anywhere for a spare grommet on the web so I have left a message with Billy Clarke's. Fingers crossed as a new handle is over £50 I think. This is the longest I have ever had a landing net handle so Hey Ho !
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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    Who says moaning is a waste of time? I was complaining along the usual lines.... commercials, carp, the demise of many proper fisheries blah blah, when the bloke I was talking to said, Funny you should say that, I happen to run the fishing on some woodland ponds in an old estate, and we have the kind of thing you like. So, I signed up and went to try it out this afternoon. Two miles off the main road, surrounded by pheasants and woodpeckers, and having introduced myself to the two gamekeepers who were the only ones in the parking area, I had a look around what I'd bought into. I liked the look of it

    No idea where or how to fish, so I set up a pole, put on a plummet and dropped in a few swims to get a sense of the contours. I got a bit tangled up in the trees, too, but I ascertained it mostly shelved down to about 5/6' 10m out. So, I picked a spot and fed two swims, one left, one right, with a small ball of groundbait and a few maggots in one, some micros in the other. 40 minutes of fishing, on bottom or just off, and not a bite.

    One of the few things I'd been told was that there were Ide in there, so I added a couple of pole sections and fished half-depth and fed maggots. That got bites, and this pugnacious-looking ide was the first proper fish

    The next two fish did me - one a hook pull, the other when, trying to net it with 4 sections, I got the elastic stuck in the overhead foliage and it broke the hooklength. I'd have put them down as rogue carp - had I not seen that they were damned great chub! I swapped to a stronger hooklength and a heavier elastic - a doubled no 4 - and got the next one out, some compensation even though it was much smaller.

    Midwater was clearly were everything wanted to be, including the bream, with this one the first of three.

    A few small roach and perch came along, and then something a bit more athletic, which turned out to be this barbel

    It was all making me wonder how often I'm fishing below where the fish in my swim are stationed, as I tend to aim to catch closer to the bottom. By now it was winding up for yet another of the downpours that have been saturating my gear for the past couple of weeks, so I wrapped up.

    The barbel was the second to last fish, so it was only in the net for a few minutes. I'm looking forward to fishing here again, and trying to catch some of those chub.

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    Default Re: How did you get on?

    That looks like a dream venue, nice find.

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