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    Hello all,

    I live in Stevenage in Hertfordshire and wondered if anyone could recommend any good locations in the area for Coarse/Carp fishing. I can drive so i'm willing to travel a bit but would like some local stuff too.

    Also are there some bait/tackle shops in Stevenage, I'm new to the area and my old one back over in Ware is a bit far to go all the time.Cheers

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    Hmm, Thought I would bring this one back, how about if I broaden the area, can't belive theres nowhere near me.

    Letchworth, Baldock, Hitchin any ideas guys and gals

    River/Canal/Stillwater suggestions all gratefully recieved

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    mark norris (ACA) Guest


    Try the ( I think it`s called) North herts tackle shop in Baldock.

    Come off the A1 at Baldock turn and head into Baldock, shop is on left.

    DO NOT USE THE NEW BY-PASS as you will not go past shop.

    Have you tried Stanborough lake in W.G.C.?

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    Mark is right there is a tackle shop if you head into Baldock. Also Oakwood Angling in Welwyn Garden City 01707 334462 or Leslies of Luton 01582 453542. There probably is one in Stevenage but i dont know it. Thinking about it there's one in Hitchin too.
    For the fishing you have got a lake in Stevenage but cant remember the name. Wyboston lake and the river ouse is run by Luton a.c., look on there web page for details. My club the London Anglers have got loads of the River Ouse just north of Stevange if you fancy some river fishing and its day ticket. Check the web. Welwyn Garden City Angling Club have got Stanborough lake if you fancy catching loads of Bream and Carp + the river Lea with its Barble and Chub. Verlum Angling Club in St.Albans. Blunham Angling Club.
    The guys at Oakwood Angling will point you in the right direction.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks guys, great stuff. The lake is Fairlands Valley but its been drained for a major refurb so a no go for the whole season pretty much. I've been to Oaklands a while back when I used to fish Holywell, still my biggest Carp, a mirror at 17 and 3/4lbs.

    The Ouse North of Stevenage sounds good, I've done mostly canal and stillwater fishing to be honest but im really looking for a nice mix of general coarse and also pike fishing. If I want Carp I would drive to a carp lake of which I know a few although not that locally.

    I still have all my old haunts which are good for coarse and pike but to be honest other than carp fishingI've never really pulled out anything that decent but thats down to me as much as my venues although the Lea has gone downhill over the years for the coarse fishing, damn those crayfish.

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    I think I may have found a local tackle shop too, Popletts on The Hyde, hopefully they will know the waters around these parts. The LA look good as they have sections of both the Lea and the Ouse that I could fish and then there is always the Ouse and South Lagoon at Wyboston that I could fish on the day ticket from Luton AC.

    It s been a long time since I had a club membership, is it just the one off fee or are there reduced day prices to pay aswell. I used to be a member of the Kings Fisheries but that was a long time ago and I really don't remember.

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    Do you mean the LAA. Good ticket to buy, and plenty of fishing within a short driving distance. The LAA have the Ouse and Lea within your range, check out the website.

    Plenty of day ticket waters in Hertfordshire, dont forget your close to Bedford also, plenty there, just google.

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    Popletts Tackle
    12 The Hyde
    Tel: 01438 352415

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    Thanks for the responses again, yes it was the LAA I was on their website last night and they cover the Lea where I have been day ticket fishing for years and they have some of the Ouse up at Blunham and Wyboston which as you say is only about 30mins drive so looks promising.

    Thanks for the address link Richard anyone ever been to the shop, helpful?

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    James, might be worthhaving a look at the Verulam Anglers website, they,ve got a lot of water and share with several other clubs in the area
    I specialise in catching fish,any fish! <*)))))>{

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