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    Default EA river levels info

    Hi guys,

    Environment Agency - River and sea levels

    I use this a lot lately due to the rain, does anyone else? If not I hope I have shown you a new tool in the angling arsenal.

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    Default Re: EA river levels info

    I've been using it since (I believe) it first went live. I'd love it if it were real time and if there were a bit more historical data. Then it would be even more useful.

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    Default Re: EA river levels info

    I have Trent Levels and Witham levels under "favourites" to click onto.

    Speaking of the Witham if Flightliner is reading I tried to send a second PM but your box is full and it was rejected.

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    alan whittington Guest

    Default Re: EA river levels info

    I use the sight a lot and as Sam,from its outset,i watched yesterday as my hoped venue was updated 3 times(always a bad sign),ive checked this morning,hoping for at least an easing,maybe even a slight drop,but it hasn't given its normal 4AMish update and as the river in question will be full of c**p it will be a nightmare if its still creeping up.

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