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    Default Paper tackle brochures or on line?

    I receive paper brochures quite regularly in the post.
    If you buy anything from them, then they will mail you.
    It must be very expensive for them.

    However I have been pondering about the tackle sellers that at one time sent out brochures and then decided to go on line only and are no longer in business.

    Bennetts, Mallarkys to name but two. I wondered if this played a part in their demise.

    I prefer to browse these brochures and sometimes think..I'll get one of those.(whatever)
    It doesn't work for me when I look at an on line brochure that I have to tell the site what make of product I want to look at before it admits me into the appropriate page or product.

    I think perhaps Dragon Carp is an exception as their regular email brochure/advert starts with an in your face series of offers as opposed to a "what do you want to look at " approach.

    Anyone with thoughts on this?

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    Default Re: Paper tackle brochures or on line?

    I can't say that I'm remotely bothered about a printed brochure from a tackle shop. The only one I see with any regularity is the one from The Tackle Box. Those shops that persist with them tend to be a little expensive and a bit rigid on price. However, I do rather like seeing manufacturers catalogues. I usually have a few different manufacturers catalogues kicking about. Some go back for a few years worth. It's a bugbear of mine when a manufacturer has no printed catalogue/or an out of date catalogue and/or a poor/out of date website.

    However, I'm not remotely convinced that there's any correlation between tackle shops going to the wall and them stopping printed catalogues. I'd actually suggest that, at least as far as Bennetts were concerned, their resistance to modernise, including clinging on to old style mail order, telephone orders, catalogues and all, was their biggest problem. What became a market leader in the heyday of mail order ended up as a dinosaur as internet shopping took over. Truth be told, I never really understood why Bennetts were so successful. They always seemed quite expensive to me. I can only assume that them being early adopters of credit and cheque spread made them appealing to those happy to purchase tackle on tick.
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    Default Re: Paper tackle brochures or on line?

    Quote Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
    The only one I see with any regularity is the one from The Tackle Box.
    They are my local tackle shop, I buy most of my gear from them (I like to handle and look at tackle before I buy it so perhaps paying a little more doesn't bother me at all) and I really enjoy thumbing through the brochure. No doubt it will go the way of all flesh eventually but I'll miss it when it's gone!


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    Default Re: Paper tackle brochures or on line?

    I used to enjoy thumbing through brochures and catalogues for tackle but have to admit I've become that used to looking online I've forgotten how long it was since I received a paper version.

    I honestly think it will eventually all become electronic, having dabbled with it through work the on going and reasonably costless/effortless marketing opportunities through the software that's available are endless and even buying a new car recently couldn't produce a paper catalogue and I was instead emailed a PDF version.

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