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    Default Re: casting with a centre pin reel

    Just a suggestion

    If you post a video showing the cast I and others will try and help you.
    A Video paints a thousand words.

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    Default Re: casting with a centre pin reel

    As has been suggested; it is down to timing. Just take it steady and try and replicate the same actions at the same time every cast. If you don't then the tackle will be released in different directions like the ball on a roulette wheel.

    You can cast straight forward by pointing your rod straight up and slightly forward while holding the shot or bait between your left little finger and palm. Let go of the shot or bait, lift the rod tip and the float should arc out straight ahead. Once you've got the hang of that you can then pull the line off the reel once the float has started its forward movement.

    Once the reel is spinning it is a good idea to control and guide the line coming off it by forming a loop between index finger and thumb.
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