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Thread: rod help

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    Default rod help

    I need some advice on a rod choice, since I am across the pond and not able to visit a shop and test em out in person. The two rods in question are, Greys Prodigy TXL Specimen Rod 12' 1.25 test curve, and a Match rod I can get here in the US, Manta Red Match 420. The match rod has a casting weight of 5-20g. What I am intending this rod for is fishing for what we call panfish over here(1-2 lb). I am looking to use 6lb test line, floats and or light bottom work(throwing worms out with a 1/4 ounce weight. I am leaning toward the match rod 1 cause its 3 pieces, and 2 alot cheaper in price. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    They are completely different .If it is the same as match rods over here the rod will handle the size of fish you mention very well.
    The Greys is as the name suggests for bigger fish.

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