Inspired by the Campaign for real ale and real milk....

Compared to adding natural alcohol-free Glycerite extracts to the natural levels of amino acids present in bait...

Artificial "Flavours do anglers no favours"!

Flavours mask the natural smell of aminos (FACT), why would anyone want to do that?

Most flavours contain alcohol, alcohol is poisonous and ruins the nutritional aspects/natural attraction of bait (FACT), why would anyone want to do that?

Flavours only smell nice to the angler (mostly), and most taste horrible and blow all too easily!

You can easily add too much artificial flavour!

You cannot add too much natural extract!

You do not need to 'train' fish to eat naturals and real-food bait or extracts!

Flavours can turn a good bait into "junk food" bait!

Flavours are not all bad.... they are cheaper than extracts and they sometimes trip up a good fish - into believing its something its not!

A flavour is a cheap substitute for the real thing, designed to attract the angler and trick the fish!

Nature invented it first, humans tried and failed to emulate with alcohol.
*A Glycerite is regarded as the most natural product of extraction because glycerine itself is natural (vegetable) and the ingredients used are raw using an alcohol-free process that doesn't denature proteins the same way as distillation or alcohol extraction methods do.

Keep it real.