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    Question Fishing conditions...

    On Saturday last weekend I went fishing at may favourite venue (story on my blog). The weather was okay with a few sunny spell and temperatures in the low teens.

    Next Sunday I plan to go again, The temperature is forecast to be similar but with no sun and some light rain. How will this affect the fishing, if at all? This is my (our) first autumn/winter fishing seriously, last year we did not get out much, and I have not noticed much of a change so far. We will bee fishing small flat-back method feeder and my low-food groundbait mix and/or the proven Two Dog mix. Bacon grill hook bait.

    Hmmm... Where did that one go?

    My fishing blog

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    Default Re: Fishing conditions...

    The relatively mild conditions have meant that many waters have not suffered the winter shut down that's usually brought on with the first hard frosts. However, much depends on the waters concerned and the stocking levels.

    More natural venues always seem to suffer more, and earlier, than out and out match commercials. Some venues will still offer fair rewards using baits, tactics and feed rates that would seem more usual in summer. On others you might struggle to get a bite if you don't modify things quite significantly.

    If the waters you have in mind are frequently match fished, it's well worth keeping your eyes on the match results to get a feel for what might be going on.

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