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    a successful angler?

    Earlier this year, I visited a fishing show where many 'named' anglers were present.

    Only one was 6 feet or overand that was Dean Macey.

    Matt Hayes, John Wilson, Danny Fairbrass, Frank Warwick and Pete Castle were all 'vertically challenged'.

    I couldn't tell about Bob Nudd as he was sitting down when I saw him, but I suspect that Ali Hamidi was stood on a box to see over Korda's trade counter!

    Do you think my catch rate might improve if I spent more time kneeling down?


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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Maybe, maybe not...

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    <blockquote class=quoteheader>ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>Maybe, maybe not...</blockquote>
    Positive thinking Ed

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    Posh Paul is 8ft 6&quot; at the moment and he doesn't catch much.

    Maybe you have discovered something here.

    But then again I'm a short arse and don't catch much either, which using the laws of physics, cancels out Poshers so we are back where we started.

    I suggest you start an in depth study. Carry it out over three seasons and monitor the success of at least 100 anglers. Make sure you collate the information in a data base (MS Access would be fine) then export the data into MS Excell and use it to present your data as graphs and pie charts.

    I look forward to seeing your report in three years.
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Depends which direction you're facing at the time, methinks Greyfox.[img]/forum/smilies/nerd_smiley.gif[/img]

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    Pie charts?

    Deanos would eat 'em!

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    Well use bar charts then[img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img]
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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    Ali Hamidi couldn't see over a bar...nor, I think, most of the others!

    Probably have to wave a Century NG with a note attached to the tip to get attention.


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    On the plus side, I may be completely mislead...

    If you aren't particularly big, any fish held for photos will look much bigger...


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    You've hit the nail on the head.

    Everyone thinks Ray Walton catches monsters.
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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