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    Smile Targeting fish - I am getting there...

    On Wednesday, this week, while fishing with a friend, I eventually discovered that how I feed the swim, dictated what fish I attract. By matching the hook bait I could bias the catch one way or another in favour or roach or perch. Feeding a few maggots and fishing a dead maggot over a pile of my Surf 'n' Turf groundbait, laced with a few maggots, I could use a dead maggot for hook-bait and attract roach. By changing the feeding to maggots and casters cupped in and fishing using a caster on the hook, caught the perch that were licking their lips at the small roach. The full story of our day can be found HERE.

    I can't believe how effective the casters are. I am also surprised that dead maggots seem to be far more attractive than live ones, when targeting silvers. As time goes on, I am realising there is method here; getting the fish into the swim and then building it. Obvious maybe, but it is only when it starts to work that it feels like I am working it out for myself, rather than asking for 'instructions' - Great feeling!

    Hmmm... Where did that one go?

    My fishing blog

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    Another nice one, Ralph

    Good write-ups in the Blog as well! I liked the Meccano rotating jig in the 'Oops - again' tale. Might have to raid the daughter's/grandson's toybox for the bits to construct my own! - Now - rather than when I bust a rod-tip!

    Tight Lines!

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    Default Re: Targeting fish - I am getting there...

    Thanks for that, Ralph.
    I may be old, but I ain't dead yet.

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    Default Re: Targeting fish - I am getting there...

    Just keep at it
    What seems easy to other but a mystery to you will become natural in time
    PaSC British by birth, English by the grace of God
    I got the devil in my blood,Telling' me what to do
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