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    Default Re: ''How times have changed''.

    I have never found the need to use boilies apart from the odd ones I use popped up.
    Years ago it was all maggot, after being forced toward commercials nowadays I am definitely in the meat/pellet brigade. I really wouldn't know how to use boilies, it wouldn't be difficult to find out if I had the inclination. I don't.
    Most of my fishing is geared around Crucians on one particular pond or up in the water in another.
    Take yesterday I fished all day 2 foot six in ten feet of water with meat, it was a very good day for me. Wednesday will be pellet then back to meat Friday.
    I suppose the main choice is the cost, meat a quid a tin and pellet 2 quid a kilo. Yesterday I ran out of meat I used six tins, pellet will be probably about a quids worth for Wednesday.
    If I targeted fish with boilies it would be considerably more, I have no idea about the cost of boilies but they are for anglers so will carry a good price tag.
    Essentially I am careful with my dosh, even though if more bait is needed I will buy more.
    When I go to buy meat I have on occasion emptied the shelf.

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    Default Re: ''How times have changed''.

    Boilies are my go-to bait for barbel. Simply because I've caught far more fish on them than meat, or any other bait, and I have total confidence in them. I get them at a discounted cost which, when worked out per kilo, is cheaper than meat or pellets so I've no need to look at anything else.

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    Default Re: ''How times have changed''.

    I too have not used boilies for barbel, however I've no problems with using them for carp and I keep intending to use them for barbel. My preference is for meat with a few chilli flakes added. I had to reduce the amount I put in the bait when I found out how hot they actually were. I don't know about the barbel but they were certainly too hot for me!
    I find the wire coils are ideal for attaching meat to a hair. The meat never comes off even in very strong flows. You can screw them on in the dark easily which is handy on dark winter mornings. Much better than trying to feed a boilie stop through the loop in the semi dark!

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    Default Re: ''How times have changed''.

    I think confidence has a lot to do with it. I have more confidence in traditional baits like bread, cheese paste ,luncheon meat and wasp grub for chub fishing.

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    Default Re: ''How times have changed''.

    I think convenience is a big part of it. Pellets can be relatively cheap, last forever, are easy to hook (well, hair rig) with confidence and not worry about them falling off.

    Confidence then becomes a big part of it. If you feel confident with the bait on the hook and you catch, you'll use it again.

    As for effectiveness, I honestly don't think pellets are more effective than anything else (apart from the convenience and confidence factor mentioned above).

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