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Thread: Guru LWG hooks

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    Hope you can advise me.? I am having a lot of problems tying guru x-strong hooks with a matchman tyer,the shank of the hook being so short. I find Guru LWG hooks so much easier. The place i fish has a lot of carp to 5lb/6lb would the LWG be ok to use. Thanks

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    89 looked but no advise oh well.!!!!

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    Personally I never got on with the old match an hook tier so I switched to the Drennan version which is far simpler.

    Then, back in the late 90's I discovered the Sensas Pierotti (spelling) and have found that to be excellent, especially for relatively short shank hooks.

    Not sure if they are still available but a friend told me there is a copy on the market.
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    I have used both the matchman and Drennan after tying my hooks by hand for years as I thought my eyes and hands were getting a bit iffy on the smaller hooks, turns out I can still tie the hooks better than the tools even down to 18s and 0.11 line. so when the eyes pack up its shop bought ones for me.I find both tools do not hold the hook tight enough.

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    That has been my experience as well. I have just ordered some new glasses and sunglasses but will continue to buy hooks to nylon/hair rigs. I cannot comment on hooks as I can only differentiate them on size and whether they are hair rigs or not

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    I use guru lwg hooks size 18 and they aren't too tricky to tie. I use a Drennan hooktier for mine. They are strong enough to handle carp to double figures no problem..

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    Many thanks for the info lads. I read somewhere that the LWG is andy bennets favourite pattern of hook so if its good enough for him etc:

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