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    Default Link ledger bite indication?

    When I'm link ledgering for Chub how am I meant to hold bottom in a current? I'm fine while fishing in slacks or creases but if there's a decent current the quiver is constantly knocking. Am I doing this method wrong or am I meant to differentiate between the rig moving and bites?

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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    Maybe try keeping as much line as possible out of the water, eg by positioning the rod pointing skywards (but maybe not full-on "beachcaster mode"). If that doesnt work try casting a little further downstream so that any drag on the line in the water will be less able to move the lead towards the middle of the river. A final option is to use a thinner mainline - less resistance to flow. Some may use braid instead of monofilament.

    If lead is still not holding bottom then you will almost certainly need to increase weight to hold bottom. In deeper moving water this may be unavoidable. Ideally you want just enough weight to hold bottom, that way a take can dislodge the lead and help to self hook the fish and /or give better drop back bites too.

    Consistent rhythmic movements of the tip can be caused by underwater currents or swells and you need to ignore those as "background noise". Some realistic looking bites can be caused by leaves catching the line - so aim to keep line out of their path if they are following a set course down a line in the river.

    Lots of tiny knocks can be caused by nuisance small fish or signal crayfish intercepting bait. If you are reeling in bare hook or mashed up hookbait without a clear bite that could be cause.
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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    Well if you're link legering keep adding shot until you're happy , you'll know a proper chub bite!

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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    Thanks guys, should I get a couple of leads, say 1-3 ounce and use them instead off SSG shots in faster currents?

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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    Sometimes it pays to have the bait moving. I used to fish a link leger on the weir at Penton Hook on the Thames - in the fastest water but with just a 1/2 or 3/4 oz bomb. Used to catch a lot of chub in mid water like that, on worm mostly. A nice active method which keeps you warm on a cold day
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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    I guess I could give it a go Geoff. There's a few over hanging trees that are only above the surface, theoretically, couldn't the bait roll under them as I can't cast there as I'll snag up? It definitely holds a few Chub.

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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    but surley the shot would pull off ?

    how many swan shot are you using ??

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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    Josh , just try adding SSG shot one or two at a time until you feel the bait doing what you want . Using the link ledger to get under rafts and trees is classic chub fishing . I often just pinch them onto the main line as has been said by others KISS.

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    Default Re: Link ledger bite indication?

    Great, will have to try next time I get out. Off out Friday but finally got myself a centrepin so that will be prioritized.

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