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Old 16-02-2017, 08:33
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Default Lost and found.

We've all done it, left something behind after a days fishing
, maybe found something tackle wise that someones left behind .
Two items that I lost were a standard sunlounger that I propped against my car when putting other gear away after an allnighter on a notts pit (pre pukka bedchair days) then driving off without it.
The other was my 42" landing net head that I left in some long grass on another carp trip.I was fortunate with this item as the finder handed it in to the owner of the water who knew I had fished the swim a day or two earlier and contacted me about my loss.
Never ever found any item of worth except the odd bankstick , baitbox and floats myself tho.
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Old 16-02-2017, 08:44
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Default Re: Lost and found.

Several months ago I had a trip out grayling fishing and had taken a wooden Orvis scoop net that i'd only ever used once ! I think the nets are about eighty notes to buy new but i'd bought it off ebay a bit cheaper, still at a daft price and way too much for a silly little net (30 something notes)....anyhow I must have put it down back at my friends car and that was the last I saw of it.....
I really hate to loose something and would much prefer to give the item to someone !
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Old 16-02-2017, 09:22
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Default Re: Lost and found.

Hi Ian,
Don't you manage to find tackle abandoned by fleeing anglers who are hot-footing it down the banks to escape the bailiff when you are checking tickets?
- and that's just the fully-paid-up members!
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Old 16-02-2017, 09:51

Join Date: Oct 2015
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robcourt82 is on a distinguished road
Default Re: Lost and found.

Many, many years ago as a very young lad I was drafted in to fish for my club on the canal at Heston. My dad had recently bought a new browning waggler rod for about a hundred quid and had said I could borrow it for the day. Somehow or another I managed to leave the rod all wrapped up in its bag along the towpath. Neither of us realised until a couple of weeks later when we realised it wasn't in the rod hold all. Luckily a call to the opposing club revealed that someone had picked it up and after hearing the story behind it, sent it back to me.
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Old 16-02-2017, 09:53
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rayner is on a distinguished road
Default Re: Lost and found.

Fortunately I have never left anything tackle related on the bank, I have found a number of items in swims the years I've fished. Bank sticks are frequently left in the reeds or grass it's the first job for me to scan the reeds as I go to my peg.
As I see it it's finders keepers. The only thing I've ever passed on was a top kit that I hooked on to the tangled rig of the kit.
Gave that to the bailiff to see if he could find who it belonged to, if it had fit my pole I would have kept that.
If anglers can't look after their tackle I will.
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Old 16-02-2017, 10:36
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Default Re: Lost and found.

I've got a bit of a strange one here, I was about 15 years old ( 1985 ) and in my last year at school, blimmin hated it, probably learnt more out of school than in

Anyhow I decided to bunk off school for the day and went for a day out on the train from Croydon to Balcombe, Sussex which is basically on the edge of Ashdown forest and is close to the very upper reaches of the little Sussex Ouse and Balcombe reservoir,

I was slowly walking the riverbank school shoes and trousers mudded up to the hilt I came to a swim where there was a whole set up of fishing gear,

This to me seemed very odd because there was nobody in sight and this was right out in the sticks if you get me jist
There was however a soaking wet sleeping bag and I now began to fear the worst

I walked about for a good 4-5 hrs along the river and all the way around the reservoir and did not see one single person

I really was in a dialema in what to do, do I call the police, well no not really because remember A ) I shouldn't of really even been there, B) I should of been at school and C ) my parents would of gone mental at me.

My initial thought at the time were well if I don't have the gear then someone else will who ever finds it,
So with this I decided to take just a large bag full up with tackle boxes, float boxes and reels.

Now what one needs to bare in mind before I get judged etc is that I was a 15 year old school boy with very little money and comes across a bag full up with fishing gear, I'm sure I know what most would of done

However I couldn't exactly be seen coming home with a big rod bag and so regrettably had to leave all of the rods etc.

I've never found tackle like this since and doubt that I ever will but what really still seems to bug me is what ever happened to the fella and to this very day still puzzles me
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Old 16-02-2017, 10:40
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Default Re: Lost and found.

Lost a chair once, drove off while it was leant against the side of my cay...
More recently I left my 14' Hardy marksman (£300) rod, landing net handle and an adjustable rod rest which clamped to my chair against a tree in a street locally.... Never seen again!
Earlier last year I left my 13' Garbolino SuperG float rod, net handle and long bankstick in a public car park near the Colne, luckily a friend of mine found it 2 days later, after I reported my loss on the club Facebook page..phew...
Keep it real.....
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Old 16-02-2017, 11:22
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Default Re: Lost and found.

I've left behind a couple of landing nets and also found one. Many years ago I found a Mitchell 300 reel in some long grass and have found a few rod rests. I have also found some horrendous carp hook links in swims - how can people bare to use such monstrosities!

Many years ago I was fishing the GU canal at Harefield by the "Fisheries" pub (now called "the Coy Carp") when a briefcase floated past, I dragged it out and a few minutes later along came another briefcase. I opened them (like you do) to find them full of boring, non descript paperwork. My guess was that a car had been stolen and the briefcases were just tossed in the canal? I don't remember catching anything else that day!

About 6 years ago I lost a really nice fabric hook wallet which I had for many a year, lost it on the Thames at Hurley, someone had a good find.
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Old 16-02-2017, 12:13
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Lord Paul of Sheffield will become famous soon enoughLord Paul of Sheffield will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Lost and found.

last summer fishing until dark I left a bag at a local pond - the bag had 2 reels costing about £100 each, floats, hooks, plenty of terminal tackle - I didn't realise until I returned home

I drove back to the lake and after stumbling around in the dark (I forgot to take a torch back with me) found my bag next to the tree in the swim I'd fished

I've found the odd bank stick, floats , box of shot , but once whilst fishing the Rother I did see the bottom half of a bright blue rod float past - I suspect it was a cheap fibre glass spinning rod(not sure why it floated though and not sank)
PaSC British by birth, English by the grace of God
I got the devil in my blood,Telling' me what to do
(And I'm all ears), Britain's premier bread angler
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Old 16-02-2017, 12:28
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Default Re: Lost and found.

Caught a rod and reel that had been dragged in by a fish. Returned it to ithe owner who had reported it lost.
Left landing nets behind when I have hung them up a tree them up to dry, never had them returned. Left a bag of camera equipment that was returned. Also drove back to a lake to look for something I had left behind and thought lost only to find I never took it with me in the first place.
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