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    Ron Clay Guest


    Two of the funniest practical jokes I ever saw were as follows:

    I spent a long weekend fishing at Lenwade on the Wensum in 1996. A friend of mine came into the pub at lunch time for a meal and left his wellies outside on the step.

    Another mate of mine grabbed the wellies and took them into the gent next dor where he did the necessary right into the wellies. He then put them right back in the pace they were left.

    My friend finished his pie and pint and came out tof the pub, grabbed his wellies, put them on and made the most strange comment: " Hey it@s been raining" " hey it's warm rain......"

    My mate was rolling around uncontrollably.

    Then there was a time in South Africa when many cars used to have artificial shrunken heads fastened to the rear view mirror. Some of these heads looked very realistic indeed.

    A friend of mine attatched a shrunken head, hooked fairly through the mouth to an anglers fly tackle who had just fallen asleep.

    I shall never forget the screams of terror and roars of laughter when he awoke and wound in the head. )

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    Martin Wright Guest


    We got our mate Nobby with a cracker this winter.

    Nob, myself and a mate went piking on the Somerset levels - a cold hard day. Nobby decided to go for a walk to get the circuation going and left his rods out for us to keep an eye on - he he.

    As soon as he was out of sight in came in one of his rods. I got one of those plastic sealable hook packets and wrote a note inside saying 'thanks for the fish but where were the chips?', hooked it onto his trebles and cast it back out.

    The picture on his face when he reeled and peered at this message , in the split second before he realised he'd been had , was superb.

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    Mar 2005
    herts/bucks border


    Whilst fishing at Trings Startops for Perch a fishing pal had walked down to the cafe for the bacon rolls, leaving Warren and myself in charge of the rods. On the concrete behind us were two sun dried Minnows, all wrinkled up no more than an inch long. We brought in both his rods and impaled the said Minnows on his size 6 hooks which had been fishing lobworms. By the time he got back the rods had been re-cast and were sitting as left by him.

    It must have been an hour later when he started to get slight indications to one rod, me and Wol couldn't believe it. He was hovering over the rod trying to talk the bobbin into giving a hittable indication, we by now where saying things like, "ignore it mate, it's just little stuff having a go".

    In the end the pressure got to much for him and he struck at a slight indication only to find nothing pulling back, the look on his face was one of pure frustration, but the look when he swung in the end tackle with a shrivled Minnow on was just too much for the two of us and we collapsed in a heap.

    Sometimes the crack is better than the actual fishing isn't it.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    A friend of mine used to use his wifes garden chair,the fold up type.

    oneday he got up to go to the shop ,when a gust of wind caught the back of the chair and blew it into the lake.It sank like a stone.

    Next session he arrived with another of his wifes chairs,same floral patern.He got up to answer the call of nature.Whilst out of sight ,we folded the chair flat and put it behind a bush.
    On his return,the look on his face said it all,he ranted about how much grief he got last time from her indoors.
    Anyway, he sat on the damp floor for the rest of the session,on winding in to change bait his rod bent round.Hey,ive got somthing here,its hugging the bottom and moving.
    A bit confused that no fight or resistance took place he hauled it to the surface only to find an old training shoe.One that we attached as he went to the loo.

    Anyway,ive had jokes played on me.
    casters in my sandwich,maggots and worms in my flask.
    Bungie cord attached to my hood and the tree behind my chair.

    ground bait,maggots,hmp, corn in my hood and pokets.
    Are my friends trying to tell me somthing???

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Many a time i've had the carp lads hitting unmisable screamers. 3-4 metre length of line, boilie on one end bb shot on the other. Wait till they nodded off, lift the rod gently, lay the line over the buzzers with the boilie on the floor, sit back and wait till ratty comes along, cracks me up every time. Full bloodied screamer, bivvy shaking, WHOOOOSH of the rod. Then "B***OCKS what happened there then"

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    GYPSY DAVE Guest


    Warren mate,
    wouldn't be giving all your secrets away if i were you. Hunts corner on the 12th and all that. Oh what laugh's we will have........

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Plenty more Dave, plenty more!!!

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    Cakey Guest


    picture two carp rods on a pod ,mate fast asleep so I crept up and turned of the alarms then I swapped the two spools over on the reels ,reset them up and turned the alarms back on.
    A couple of hours later he had a run,I'll leave the rest up to you.

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    Cakey Guest


    Another good one is a spool of line with a hook on the end,wait till mate goes to sleep and hook the hook over mates line and hide in bushes a little tug now and then has him up and down all night if you want.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    done em both cakey

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