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  1. Default SETX Tournament Won 6,200$

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    Default Re: SETX Tournament Won 6,200$

    NOT the way to hold any fish!
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    Default Re: SETX Tournament Won 6,200$

    No doubt there's various different ways of fishing out in Texas but in my view this definitely doesn't excuse the fact of very bad handling and fish care and especially seeming that these fish are being returned as catch and release

    To hold fish like this is a sure way of possibly breaking the jaw of any fish and even more so the bigger the fish

    Weighing the fish by putting the hook under its Gill plates are also another way of damaging the very delicate Gill rakers,......why not use a strong carrier bag, would be far safer for the fish

    And to throw fish back to the water or should I say very shallow swampy sedges to me is just plain rediculas and irresponsible

    Sorry fell but you've seriously got a lot to learne as regards to fish wellfare ......not impressed at all.

    It's all very well in putting up " COOL " YouTube footage but fish welfare should be a priority especially if you want respect
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