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    A lot of you said you wanted it so here it is, the first one in the new question and answer section, 'The FM Problem Page'.

    So get your questions sent in, it's you who will be driving this section. It will appear as often as we have questions to answer.

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    Curly Guest


    When I first read the heading, I thought you had turned your attentions to being an agony Aunt Graham :-))))0

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I had written three pages before i realised!!

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    And I was all ready to refer you to Wendy..........

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    Paul Williams Guest


    She was what i needed advice about!!

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    Curly Guest


    Dear Aunt Graham

    I have a problem which I don't like to discuss in public but I feel I can trust you to give me confidential advice.

    The problem started 15 years ago really. It is something I am very embarrassed about, as it is such a delicate subject.

    I KEEP BLANKING, is there a cure?

    Kind Regards

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    Neil, send me a blank cheque for a quick answer. Either that or leave the mucky mags on the top shelf.

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    Matthew White Guest


    Do we post the questions here or e mail them direct to Graham?

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    I'm saying nowt to that one Paul lol

    My prob is casting i never seem to be able to get it in the same place every time i cast.... i know that there is a clip that you can clip your line to but i can never do that right either HELP

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    The article linked from the top of this thread explains everything. Please post questions direct to me at <a>graham@fishing</A>

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