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    i will be travelling to New Zealand (working!) for a week or so at the start of December but will hopefully have a couple of days off and intend to do a spot of fishing.

    Can anyone advise me on whats on offer over there? I am into just about every type of fishing - coarse, game and sea.

    I'm not sure which part of NZ I will be staying in but I will be able to travel. I have travel spinning, specimen and fly rods but obviously with advise I will limit what I take.

    Any advice on where to go, methods and equipment will be gratefully received!

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    Well i've never been, but i've heard it is one of the best places for fly fishing, there's a lot of very nice rivers with brown trout i think

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    Whether the North or South Island, you will find lakes a plenty to fish from shore or boat, wild rivers teaming with trout and of course you're never far from the sea.

    Was out there 25 years ago and had some good trout on a borrowed fly rod from a boat on a South Island lake. Rainbows outnumber the browns though.

    The western side of the South Island is the prettiest place on earth, a la Lord of the Rings films.
    The most important bit of kit never to forget - a disgorger.

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    I'm hoping to do the LOTR tour in NZ next year. They even have the little town of Hobbiton kept as it was built for the movie. And of course it is being put to good use in the movie "The Hobbit".

    If I could have my life all over again I would go to NZ, that is a fact. Wonderful wild rainbow trout fishing on the Tongoriro and in Lake Taupo.

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    some very big Eels!

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