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    Default Whats your favorite fish ?

    Go on then …what’s your favorite fish and why ?

    Me I think its Chub. I see it as the very epitome of an anglers fish. I recon anyone who masters and enjoys Chub fishing is probably destined to be an angler for a very long time.

    You can catch them in any weather, on any bait, they are big enough to pull back a bit, cunning enough to provide a challenge, adaptable enough to be found in virtually any venue and usually in swims that need a bit of watercraft to locate. They can be caught on a variety of tactics and can be bold and brazen and tear into a well-placed bait but will also spook at a misplaced footstep and last but not least look like what I consider to be a text book picture of a “fish” !

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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    It's the perch for me.

    Many an angler's first encounter with a fish, a visual emperor and one of the most frustrating fish to consistently catch in the upper weight bracket.

    A good year round feeder, a whole host of methods available to those who want to target him and often found in the most neglected and overlooked waters.


    Always with that chance of turning up anywhere and anytime, often to the unsuspecting.

    I'm with Walker, it's the biggest fish of all

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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    I like cod, reason being it tastes bloody good with chips salt and vinegar !

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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    For me its got to be the humble Tench . The teddy bear eye and the lovley green sheen to them ..... or other will say slime The pull back well and do dig well .

    followed close by the crucian , yet to find a venue near me with them

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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    Havent got one but if pushed it would be Barbel, most frustrating fish (off thread? ) for me the Zander used to drive me nuts.
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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    Much as I like the barbel and large roach, my favourite fish has always been the Tench.
    On a warm summers morning or on a quiet evening on a lilly strewn lake there's nothing better than seeing those clouds of pin bubbles erupting from the bottom and moving slowly towards my float, and then if I'm lucky the float lifting and sliding away, followed by the colossal fight which will test my float tackle to its limits and set my heart thumping.

    Then seeing that muscle bound olive green body and tiny red eyes looking up at me on the unhooking mat. and watching it slide away afterwards, Pure magic, especially on a lovely remote estate lake Lol.

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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    Perfection !

    not always the fish is the location

    cant beat misty summers mornings

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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    Not a difficult one this

    For me its gotta be the Roach, silvery flanks with the loverly blue sheen across its back and with the blood red fins and little orange eye, they look even better when in the mid depths of winter.

    Dono what it is but I much prefer small river and chalk stream fishing for roach than I do for Stillwater fish,

    There's just something about a big river roach,

    Magestic, very elusive, secretive, often very difficult to tempt / teise ( especially bigger fish ) generally has a gentle nature compared to other fish.

    There certainly not really classed as a powerful fish but have strength and power within their own right and are quite capable of showing their strength on light correctly balanced tackle,

    Just a shear delight when one sees that big bar of silver roll over the rim of the net

    Gotta luv em

    Also luv the look of big chalk stream Dace
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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    Roach for me too, although my list of captures is not much above 6oz. They have a tough time being the food for many predators and it is understandable why the bigger ones are so cautious and canny. A shoal of Roach is a lovely sight in my opinion but lying on my belly to watch them is not so easy these days! I have to say I much prefer the river Roach too.
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    Default Re: Whats your favorite fish ?

    Judging by the likes I have given on this thread I like them all. I have to restrict my preference to those fish I have actually caught and many are still on my wanted list. However if I never caught them and had to pick I too would be very happy with a roach! A beatuful fish!

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