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Thread: float ledger ..

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    Default float ledger ..

    I was suggested by a angler at work me being 30 and him in 60's suggested to try float ledger .

    I never looked into how that works but is it the same as having a sliding lead behind swivel for hooklink and then a sliding float with a sliding stop knott ?

    never thought to fish like this before .


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    binka Guest

    Default Re: float ledger ..

    That's pretty much the bones of it Matt, you don't have to use a slider rig for the float you can just fix it at depth if it's within a manageable distance from the lead.

    Just rig up as you would normally and use the lead as the plummet if you're using a fixed float, you might find that you have to add an inch or two on if the tow or swell is knocking the float over.

    I prefer to float leger when I'm perching and it's too windy to keep the float in position with lead shot on the deck, I think the float leger is more free-running than lead dragging along the bottom when you get a bite.

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    Default Re: float ledger ..

    Polaris or Premier Floats work best on deeper water. i have used the for pike fishing dead baits

    Check out google for the floats then make your chose if you think it’s what you want

    Trust me I’m an Engineer

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    Default Re: float ledger ..

    Well the water is around 9ft deep thats why had thought of a sliding stop knot . when fish takes bait and pulls the line through the lead and float dips i see it as , useful with stop knot it bottom isnt uniform or trying different areas i see it as .


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    binka Guest

    Default Re: float ledger ..

    I would go with a slider too in that depth considering how much of the length of the average size rod is taken out under the load of netting a fish.

    It's worth looking at the Polaris type of floats that Chris mentioned above if you're searching around as they find their own depth without the need to plumb up, if you do a quick search there's loads on here about them and a fair bit you Youtube.

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    Default Re: float ledger ..

    Is there one that works better polaris or lockslide ?

    i have a polaris and yes it works well but not caught anything but it was a hard day when used it and had 2 out in the morning but showed me there good to use but not found out what the bite indication is like .

    Thanks guys

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    binka Guest

    Default Re: float ledger ..

    Quote Originally Posted by associatedmatt View Post
    Is there one that works better polaris or lockslide ?
    I've never used either Matt, or any other variation of them.

    I just the conventional float leger set up but people seem to speak quite well of the Polaris type of floats.

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    Default Re: float ledger ..

    All i can do is give it a try , far too often you just fish methods you know and have most confidence in .

    I may try it this weekend .


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    Default Re: float ledger ..

    I sometimes float ledger on a River if the flow is too strong for laying on.

    It can work well on a Stillwater for species like tench and bream had some good days with it.

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    Default Re: float ledger ..

    Using the polaris worked well for me when fishing a very deep margined gravel pit. Simple to use which suits simple me. I think of them as one of the best forms of indication when ledgering and you get to watch a float

    They are not for every one but it did solve my problem.

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