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    Default Customer service

    It takes a lot to impress me and praise a shop that offers excellent service. Yesterday whilst in SAS Chichester buying bits, bobs and also a chat, A youngster and his mother came into the shop. The boy wanted to start fishing. They both a had a good look around. They asked the younger member of staff(i can never remember his name sorry) for some help. Now at this point, some shops would be rubbing their hands together and seeing pound signs in the air. But no, he went through the shop showing both what he will need to start off. From what i could see a rod, reel combo, landing net and the other little bits you need to start. Most of the kit was from NGT. To me NGT is an excellent starter range. Then he took the time to explain how the reel works in lay man's terms and how to use the rest of the kit. This boy walked out of the shop happy knowing the basics. At no time did the staff try and sell him the more expensive stuff or sell unnecessary worthless kit that you would never use.
    As i said it takes a lot to impress me and this was outstanding customer service. This is the number one reason i shop with them. So if your ever near Chichester please pop into the shop even if its to ask where to fish locally.

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    Default Re: Customer service

    I was thinking of going to Chichester sometime this summer, might have a look.
    Cast a sprat to catch a mackerel as they say Ian.
    There's also good customers as opposed to bad ones which helps a lot.
    When I worked in a shop we had one or two characters who would lean on the till and shout "SERVICE" at the top of their voices. We would leave them bellowing for 10 minutes and then advise them to buy the best bit of **** we could find.
    And the language of some of them, one woman rang me one Saturday morning and screamed down the phone "my effing TV has broken down, you get here this morning you effing ***** and repair it". Actually it went on longer than that. I put the phone down and did nothing. She rang Monday morning as sweet and polite as pie, "please could you come and repair my TV".
    By contrast I moved heaven and hell to get a TV repaired from some sweet elderly lady who politely asked if we could come and repair her TV last thing on a Saturday. "if you cant I don't mind, Monday will do but I only have my TV for company"

    Tip-always be nice and polite if you want good service

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    Default Re: Customer service

    Politeness costs nothing and is far more likely to produce a favourable reaction to your problem/issue/request!

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