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    Default Drennan Super Specialist hooks

    I noticed the packets appear to have changed but I have not had a chance to check out the actual hook.

    Has anyone else seen this and can confirm or not ?

    Please tell me Drennan has not changed or "improved" them...

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    Default Re: Drennan Super Specialist hooks

    All of the Drennan packaging has been changed in line with the corporate colour (Aqua) and the new logo (three concentric rings). My last purchase of Drennan wide gape match hooks are in the new packaging. As far as I can discern, there's no change whatsoever to the contents.

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    Default Re: Drennan Super Specialist hooks

    The packet has changed colour but it's also changed the price.....for the worse!

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    Default Re: Drennan Super Specialist hooks

    Yes I suspected the price would equally change and of course we all know in which direction that would go.

    As long as they have not messed with the hook I can live with a small increase in price annoying as it is.

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