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    No this is not a swipe at the white fivers still in Grahams wallet....allegedly!
    What items do you have in your gear that you think will fetch serious money in twenty years time? and what do you think will be woth buying with an eye to the future??
    To start you off I have a couple of Richard Carter centerpins and a Browning Revolver centerpin.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I've got a picture of Slidge with a fish, beat that for an antique!!!!

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    Black and white?? or oils??:-)

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    Andrew Miller Guest


    I got a Richard Carter Pin with a "Traditional Angling " reel case for 25 quids at a car boot stall. It in nice condition but don't spin very well. I like collecting old stuff but I rather collect them that obviously been used rather than those "mint condition" unused stuff!It much cheaper and I think more fun especially as I can used it myself if necessary without worrying about paint flaking off or chips coming off!

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    Alan Cooper Guest


    I suppose that my Paul Witcher centrepin will be highly prized in years to come. Paul made a fair number of traditional centrepins but only ever made two ball bearing reels - a 4.5inch and a 5.5inch. Mine is the 4.5inch version. It is a very free running reel indeed although I would say that one of Alan Roe's Richard Carter's (which I have seen) probably equals it. I would also suppose that my split cane 3 section Avon rod would go up in value over time.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Alan R,.....Cave!!!

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