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    Default Rver Mole Pollution?

    There is a report on FB the Mole at Gatwick is this a new one or an old one?
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    Default Re: Rver Mole Pollution?

    I don’t use FB but from a reliable source many fish have died after pollution hit the River Mole at Horley yesterday..
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
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    Default Re: Rver Mole Pollution?

    Was a large fish kill on the grand union at grove church last week too.

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    Default Re: Rver Mole Pollution?

    Horrible news if true. Years back I used to fish Woodhatch Tackle's opens on the river around Horley and Meath Green and it was a lovely little bit of water.
    It got pretty much wiped out a few years ago after something nasty got into it from around Gatwick and should imagine it was only just recovering.

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