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Thread: tks poles

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    is there much difference between a 301 2g and 401 2g pole, not sure which one to buy both being 14.5 meters

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    Sorry cannot help you with poles but whips!!! Stick to rod and reel

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    as far as I can tell it is spares package,
    I think there is about £75-80 difference between them.
    If it was me I would go for the 14.5 Daiwa Matchwinner Competition 3 at £699
    to me it is a better pole and if your budget was £800 I would buy a couple of extra topkits for the Daiwa,
    OR go for a 2nd hand TriCast or a Daiwa G50, as long as you can check them
    out it would be ok,
    Map topkits fit a variety of poles so if you do go down the map route you
    would have more options for topkit spares than with tricast or daiwa,
    hope this helps

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    I already have 3 tks poles from the older range and cannot fault them but I was looking to upgrade and was wondering if it was worth the extra money or am I just paying for an extra top kit, thought the 401 might have been lighter and more rigid, cant understand what whips and rod and line have to do with this thread

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    This may provide you with some info on one them.

    I may be old, but I ain't dead yet.

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    Tks poles have a good reputation for durability and like the Daiwa they're interchangeable in many cases. I had the 401 up before I bought my pole and it was ok, not as stiff and light as I would have hoped, or at least it didn't feel it to me. A mate of mine bought a 301 earlier this year and in action it does look nice and rigid at 13m although I haven't felt it. If I were you and I already had a tks pole or 3 I would have to find out how much of what i had was compatible with the 2 before I decided.

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