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Thread: Pump Pond.

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    Finished my Chemo last week. I am now taking a break from it. My lovely wife spoiled me with two days at Tarraleah. Of course, I packed the rods. Only a short clip. Thanks For Watching. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe.
    Cheers, Clint. Tasmania.

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    Hope you are on the mend . Nice video.

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    good luck Clint and lets hope the chemo works! Stay strong and hope!

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    Very best wishes mate. Nice video and beautiful fish
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    great video and looks like your well on the mend...just need to start putting the handle on the correct side of the reel!

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    Thanks for the good wishes lads. You sound like my Dad, Jason . I have tried to change but just not comfortable the proper way for some reason.

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