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    Default Bale arm springs

    Anyone know a good source of these ?

    I have a number of older reels such as a Mitchell Match that it would be good to give a second lease of life but are suffering from worn springs.

    A case of contacting the manufacturer ? or is there a better/easier way ?

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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    have a look on ebay

    eBay - Page Not Found
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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    The manufacturers are not going to have parts for 20 year old reels its hard enough to get parts for current models.
    The best source for old Mitchell parts if they are still going will be Reel Care, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 9LW | iHampshire

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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    Have a look here.

    Mitchell - UK Service Centres

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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    I've been using Mitchell Matches for 40 years and only recently had my first spring breakage. I got a new spring from one of the freelance spare parts suppliers. That said the springs don't get tired as such but occasionally you do need to strip down the bale arm and clean it all up. If the bale arm gets bent - easily done - then the bale will not open easily but nothing to do with the spring.

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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    Thanks for all the comments...the Mitchell Match was one of a number of different reels but yes good point about it maybe just needing a good clean rather than replacement...I'll strip it down and take a closer look.

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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    look on ebay there are two selling spares

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    Default Re: Bale arm springs

    Plenty of parts for old Mitchells on e bay. I have four or five of them along with plenty of spares from pirated ones but I have used e bay for a couple of spare springs in the recant past.

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