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Thread: ea weir permit

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    Default ea weir permit

    I was thinking of getting one for this year on the thames, but looking at the maps the areas you can now fish in the pools hardly seem to make it worth it. a lot of it is fishing off the weir structure itself which I thought wasn't allowed in the past?

    River Thames: lock and weir fishing maps - GOV.UK

    does anyone have a weir permit?

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    I'd looked in to this before Jason, but I got a little put off by some of the access being a little dodgy - parking and such - and also by the fact that with a number of the sites, there's a time restriction or check in required with the lock keeper. I can understand the need for that, but sometimes I want to either be getting out there at the crack of dawn, or staying until dark, and neither of those things seem to be catered for if you follow the letter of the law in terms of what's required.

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