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    Alan Cooper Guest


    Can anyone help? I've had a bad back for years and although I have a comfortable reclining seat, it is useless for trotting. I used to stand, but nowadays my back gives me gip after an hour or so. I would use my seatbox (standard Shakespeare) but because it doesn't have a back it encourages me to crouch forward - again, bad back. Now I know Shakespeare themselves do a backrest, but I have seen (in the past and never asked) a couple of Shakespeare boxes with proper aluminium seats with backreasts which have been screwed into the lid of the box. Anyone know where they come from?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I've got the Breakaway version on my box.
    It's got an extendable back rest and also doubles as a rucksack.
    Very good, makes the box easier to carry and saves the back when seated.
    My mate swears by his, as he has worn away the bottom two vertebrae in his spine and needs to sit straight and the back rest certainly helps.

    If you go here......
    and then click on the tackle boxes link, you can see their conversion kit.

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    Alan Cooper Guest


    Thanks Rik - I've got to do something about it. This device might well be ok for me.

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    Darren Wilson Guest


    You could also try the Howgate & Lane SupaSeat.

    The price is wrong on the website, and if you give them a call they will be able to give you the correct price. I have one of these myself for stalking and they are very comfortable (as long as you are not Rik's size)!!!!

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    Alan Cooper Guest


    Thanks Darren. I'll take a look. Might be an idea for me re stalking purposes.

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