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Thread: Method boilies

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    Default Method boilies

    I plan to fish a venue new to me, a gravel pit in Lydd which has some large tench.

    I asked on a FB page what are the most popular methods and was recommended to use a method boilie.

    Is a method boilie any different from a regular boilie of similar size (8mm) or is this just another example of marketing bs?

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    Default Re: Method boilies

    Having never heard of them I have done a full and proper read of t'interweb and I can now officially declare in my opinion it is marketing BS.

    PS I am having a sneaky opinion whilst Mrs Lout is out shopping.

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    Default Re: Method boilies

    No difference other than the size may be smaller, most carpers use 14mm and upwards, I would go for 10 or 12 mm with the method.
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