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    Quote Originally Posted by Richox12 View Post
    You've rather missed the point. Shop A buys a section together with other items and it is carriage free. They charge accordingly. Shop B doesn't need anything else and orders the section and so pays unit cost plus carriage & packing. Therefore shop B charges accordingly.

    Different prices calculated by the shops due to differing costs.

    Drennan cannot say what shop A or shop B will charge. It's none of their business. It's up to the shops.

    Price fixing is illegal.
    On the contrary, I think I considered it in conjunction with the wider point.

    I appreciate your insight into the current status quo and I don't for a second deny that is the case, but I'm arguing that the current status quo is wrong and the Drennan customer service issue is a carved in granite example of that.

    If an end user suffers a rod failure due to no fault of their own, regardless of time, and especially in light of the Acolyte's now rather notorious reputation for such failure, then I would expect the manufacturer to replace that rod/section without quibble.

    Either directly or indirectly, via a dealer.

    The fact the there appears to be no provision to do this directly, which in turn exposes the customer to such factors as postage, dealer mark up etc. just reinforces my view.

    Why the hell should a Drennan dealer mark up the replacement cost price of a failed section to the end user, or in turn have to suffer the cost of supplying a failed replacement section?

    It brings me back to the point I made about manufacturers dictating the market, if it were the other way around and they had to 'perform' to fulfil retailers criteria then I'm sure it would all be very different but it's the way it is for a reason, namely the manufacturers convenience and stuff the end user who is left to battle it out with the poor old middle man who's taking one below the belt from both sides.

    Problems are solved when they are addressed at their source, and not kicked into the long grass.

    It's passing the book and everything else is just loop holing!
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    Default Re: Drennan Acolyte rods

    Quote Originally Posted by binka View Post
    Or House of Fraser

    The untrusted staff are reported to be particularly looking forward to their strip search at the end of their shift...
    Some are wondering what may have been worse.. being made redundant or working for Mike Ashley.

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    Late [as usual] to this thread; I have plus in 13' & 14' - the latter has had several run outs on various rivers but sadly I don't get to fish running water as often as I'd like. I've had the 13' for maybe a couple of years & yes I did break the tip after just a couple of outings... by being completely bloody cack-handed . Since then I've had no problems what-so-ever; I use it most weeks affording it no particular special treatment - it lives in my padded rod sleeve with reel attached & for a while ['til I decided that I was just being lazy] was stored made up as well. On the face of it, it sounds like I've been lucky, or perhaps others have been unlucky - either way, I really enjoy fishing with it & whilst I have flirted with the idea of alternatives, I can't really justify the additional expense for the comparatively limited amount of time that I spend on the bank, particularly as the accy plus continues to serve me so well.

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    Default Re: Drennan Acolyte rods

    I’ve got 3 acolytes, all purchased used and had no problems whatsoever. All are left made up in rod sleeves and have handled everything thrown at them thus far without issue.

    I did break a 1 ounce quiver tip but that was while trying to bend it at the tip ring to avoid wrap overs, entirely down to user error and no complaint with manufacture in that one.

    I’m contemplating a plus feeder at the moment, as while I’m quite happy to fish for match carp with the ultra, a bit more beef may speed landing them.

    If anyone has doubts, they are fantastic fishing rods!

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    They are brilliant rods.I use the ultra models most, and never had any problems at all with them what so ever.
    Cant think of a better rod for just short of £200 bargain.

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