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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Moves to outlaw the killing of fish caught on rod and line are included in the Marine Bill which was part of the Queen's Speech last week.

    The Environment Agency is now believed to be drafting a national catch and release by-law.

    "Catch and release must become the norm in freshwater with exceptions available in clearly defined circumstances such as put and take trout fisheries," the notes on Defra's website say.

    Click here for a bit more.

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Is this the signs that a Government department is listening...or something else?

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    Nobby C (ACA) Guest


    How are Defra going to enforce it? Interesting.

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    Jan 2007


    Yous will just have to wait and see.

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    what about livebaits then ?

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    I don't think we need any legislation as regards this. OK, there may be a small minority of immigrant anglers who don't currently 'buy into' the catch and release culture we have.

    No doubt some of you can relate examples where this minority has had an adverse effect on some local fishing. This is the exception, rather than the rule, I'm convinced of that.

    We now have Salmon anglers returning half their catch, this is growing year on year. Wild river Trout are often returned as well.

    So, our catch and release culture is a growing one.

    Do we really need this government, with the sweep of a pen, to change an improving culture? Do we need to make someone who kills a fish because it wouldn't survive if returned, or dare I say it, takes an occasional one for the table, a criminal?

    I don't think so.

    Deal with any local problems at a local level I suggest. It's also important that we, as anglers, embrace and educate any immigrant anglers, rather than treat them with the suspicion that exists right now.

    This government has made far too many new laws already, we don't need any more, thanks.

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    As a volunteer club bailiffI feel you are assuming an awful lot Ric,

    "Takes an occasional fish for the pot"? is that the full extent of the damage some Eastern Europeans are doing to our fisheries thenRic? what are you basing such a sweeping statement on?

    Trywholesale commercial netting, set lines and traps.

    The current by-laws are a mess, impossible to police and prosecute.

    Does angling need the new laws? yes! it's a no brainer mate.

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    I'm with Ric. This is just another pile of sh*t from a bunch of t*ssers who have completely lost the plot.

    When we look back on this useless bunch of thieving incompetant lying gits and the huge damage that they have done to our once great country (which we will be paying for til kingdom come) the one thing we won't say is that they didn't make enough new criminal laws.

    Sorry, but I'm really going to kick off in a minute.

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    are you on about the eastern europeans or the government blanky ?

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    the Gov. The Eastern europeans have been welcomed with open arms because they are prepared to do the work that the likes of Shannon matthews and her ilk cannot be arsed to. Brown and his crew are content to just keep shovelling my tax money down these peoples gobs while making more and more criminal laws so as to make themselves feel better. Believe me, banning fishing for the pot is one step away from banning catching livebaits and deadbaits.

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