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  1. Default Nearly Drowned ?

    Just a short clip lads.
    Thanks for the support.

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    O.C.F.Disorder Guest

    Default Re: Nearly Drowned ?

    Nice little video there fella. I dont really know what you mean by nearly drowned though? You fell over is a shallow stream..

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    Default Re: Nearly Drowned ?

    Are u in oz or kiwi country .
    Nice looking river !
    Sorry about your fall , take care!!!

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    Default Re: Nearly Drowned ?

    Clint lives in Tasmania! He is also unwell! Glad you lived to tell the tale Clint!!

    Nice vid as usual! Was that a Stradic ci4 reel in size 1000 you were using?
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    Thanks for watching. Its a 2500 size reel Mike. A great reel.

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