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Thread: clothing

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    i am in the market for a clothing bundle for all 4 seasons, i like the look of the trakker bundle

    does anyone own or have heard what they are like, also what other packeges do you recomend, thanks.

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    EC Guest


    I'd recommend sundridge gear, have a look through the reviews mate, loads of good stuff there!

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    There's a good Ron Thompson bundle on offer as well. I've seen it in Takle2U but I suspect it's available elsewhere as well. It consists of a jacket with removable lining, trousers (don't know about the lining), underwear, hat and gloves. I've had a look at the jacket and it loks to be good quality (waterproof, breathable with taped seams).

    Failing that a Wychwood Extremis suit (I think) makes a good all rounder as it's only got a light fleece lining and you can always wear some fleece clothing underneath it.

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    I bought the Trakker bundle last year and have found it to be great for my needs, I chose the Trakker clothing over the Korum, and Wychwood because being over 6 foottall the trousersfitted better than either of the other two. The trousers are quite lightweight compared to the others which made them more comfortable for sitting for long periods in. Although the trousers are made from lightweight material they are remarkably warm, and I have found them to be 100% waterproof, they also have worn well and after a season's use still look as good as new. The downsidewere the braces and the short back protector which I found did little other than slip off my shoulders so I got the wife to remove them. The jacket has a removable fleece attached and I have worn it both summer and winter and found it to be equally as warm and waterproof. The shirt was a bit of an anti climax as it seemed a bit cheap but I still wear it. Baseball cap and woolly hat are both OK and get used regularly. In really cold weather like today I do wear a thicker pair of over trousers mainly because the banks are so filthy but the jacket stands up well even in minus temperature. However I brought it big enough to wear an extra fleece if needed.

    My score 8/10

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    thanks lads for the advice, if anyone else has anything else to add please do.

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    Jim Crosskey 2 Guest


    I'd echo Eddie's comments about Sundridge, I've got an Igloo jacket which is absolutely top notch, the zip-out inner is more like a fully-sleeved puffa jacket and I reckon a lot warmer than most fleeces. Mine also came with a free sleepskin hoody which is designed to be a base layer, with all three layers on (hoody, zip-out and over jacket) you're warm as toast all day, lovely in the winter.

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    thanks again lads.

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