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    Hi all,i have just bought myself a little 125cc motorbike as i dont drive so thought this is a cheap option to get me to my favourate fishing spots.
    Im wanting to take minimal tackle on my bike to ensure my safety.This is all i need anyway as the place i want to fish is the Upper Witham roving for chub etc.
    I have a youngs travel rod that i can easily get on the bike but the one thing im struggling with is my landing net handle.
    With this in mind can anyone tell me of a good handle that you may know of as the ones i have found are still a little too long to carry with confidance.
    Also does anyone know if i am by law allowed to carry a quiver on my back while on the bike as this would solve my problem but i dont want to risk any police trouble of risk anyones safety.
    Anyone else use a motorbike for fishing would love to hear how you carry tackle if you do.
    Thanks for any input guys and gals

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    EC Guest


    I'm not sure of the law Paul but I've seen lots of anglers on mopeds and 125's etc. carrying rod bags.

    Edit: there are a few trout net/handles which i suspect would be fine for chub which fold up and can be carried on your back

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    Thanks for that EC. Just gone through the reviews on here again and i think the fox stalking handle might be best i have foundsofar,just trying to find best price at the minute. £39.99 best i have found so far.Seems ideal as it folds from 21" to 60" it doesnt need to be too long as there are no high banks where i normally fish.

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    It's pricey but Fox do a travel landing net handle. Though for most purposes a folding trout net does me well enough

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    We must have been writing replies at the same time!!!

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    Cakey Guest


    one of ...................THESE

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    Cakey Guest


    then you can join ......................THESE

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    Cakey Guest


    then you can do......................THIS

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    mmh thanks for the input cakey but i think a new handle might be cheaper mate

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    Get a little motor put on this and you're away.
    Some people are so poor, that all they have is money

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