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    Default Obituary Graham Young - Crow

    Binka has asked me to post the following as an obituary for Crow, Graham Young
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    I think everyone at Fishing Magic is currently experiencing the same sense of loss as I feel following the passing of who we all affectionately came to know as The Crow.

    It was with great sadness that I received the news of Graham’s passing, courtesy of his wife Janet who was always referred to as ‘The Gaffer’.

    It seemed somewhat ironic too, as I was on my way to a local pool for a day’s fishing and following the call I simply sat in my car and stared out at the lake whilst trying to comprehend the news that a dear friend had passed away.

    It would be nothing less than selfish of me not to share some of the insight which I was privilege to as his friend, not least because Graham was a very accomplished angler, with a string of big fish of various species to his name both at home and abroad, but also for his general whit and his ability to see through the polish and identify what actually lay beneath.

    Our friendship began through FM and we were, to put it mildly, a pair of buggers!

    Stalking each other and challenging each other’s respective opinions, nit picking away at what we could whilst attempting to establish some higher ground until we both decided it was time to call it a day and bury the hatchet with a day’s fishing and believe me the friendship which was formed and the rewards which I enjoyed were many thousand times more satisfying than petty points scoring over forum disagreements.

    The really surprising thing was that we were so alike in so many ways and I soon realised that Graham was a very experienced angler who held a deep appreciation of the wider environment and he wasn’t afraid to challenge any authority or body which threatened that, no matter how big they came and I hold a very deep respect for that.

    Graham was mischievous too and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that to those who hadn’t already grasped it themselves, and in addition to his several thousands of posts here on FM he also had a few thousand more under a previous username and his contributions and help to others over the years were invaluable.

    What did astound me, especially as the last two or three years wore on, was just how determined Graham was to get out and enjoy his fishing in the face of declining mobility and general health issues and I was nothing less than amazed on more than one occasion, that alone stands as testimony to his ‘Passion for Angling’ alongside all that I have written and his work done as a former Secretary for the Barbel Catchers Club.

    Graham was simply a very nice bloke too and one who I was fortunate enough to be able to share many laughs with and much enjoyment in his company whilst catching a few fish along the way and some of the pictures we took will help to keep those fond and very special memories alive for me.

    An accomplished angler with a strong sense of justice and fairness, and nothing less than an inspiration to me in so many ways…


    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Default Re: Obituary Graham Young - Crow

    Well said Steve! Mind you I reckon Graham would have taken issue with a few things just for the hell of it!

    I still find it strange and slightly disconcerting that I could feel loss and sadness at the passing of someone I had never met and hardly knew! It shows the power of FM!

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    Default Re: Obituary Graham Young - Crow

    Agree with your sentiments entirely Mike and feel very much the same.

    I’ve said elsewhere that Graham’s passing has left a huge void in our community as to has Binka’s and Skip who have chosen to leave the forum, thing is Graham cannot return, hopefully one day the other above mentioned will.
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