Some years ago Peter Bishop was fortunate enough to get a small paperback, 'Another Bloody Tangle' published by a regular sports publisher who would publish one humorous sports book every year. It sold reasonably well and justifiably so.

'Crucians at Bedtime' is the follow-up book which is self-published. The result is a reasonably-priced - about the same as two fishing magazines - paperback consisting of 25 tales, mostly true but one or two works of fiction, that make for an easy read and an ideal stocking-filler. I think most anglers of some experience will have little problem relating to and enjoying these tales, and therefore I can thoroughly recommend it.
Whilst the title mentions crucians the subjects covered are of a far wider basis, with tales of success and disaster, even mystery.

If I have any criticism then it is that it might have benefited from tighter editing and proof-reading, the occasional misuse of apostrophes and capital letters jarring my sensibilities but don't let this put you off.

The book is £7.99

It's available direct from the author:

Cheque for £10 (inc. P&P) payable to the author, Peter Bishop,
P Bishop
65, Hillfield Drive,
CH61 6UJ

Or phone 01513424791

It is also available from tackle shops and selected garden centres in the Wirral and Chester area.

Crucians at Bedtime by Peter Bishop-img.jpg

Here's the introduction:

When I discovered the gentle art of fishing at the age of eleven, as a non-angler, my father was unable to guide me, so I relied heavily upon my best friend at school, the genial proprietor of the fishing tackle shop next to my school, and publications like ‘Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing’ and Angling Times.

But the publication that really enthused me was the ‘The Fisherman’s Bedside Book’ by “BB”, the pseudonym adopted by Denys Watkins-Pitchford. A great observer of the natural world, “BB” had an uncanny talent for making his stories spring to life with ink drawings and highly descriptive language and that explains why his works, particularly on angling, are often regarded as the best of their genre and era.

Each night before my eyelids became heavy, I used to read a chapter of the ‘Bedside book’ before drifting off into a satisfied sleep, contentedly dreaming of catching a Crucian carp from a lily covered lake or a barbel from a flood slack on the River Kennet.

Perhaps inspired by the memories of “BB’s” black scraperboard illustrations, I simply close my eyes and conjure up a comforting subliminal image in my mind, which takes the form of a crimson tipped quill float, juxtaposed with a cluster of yellow water lilies, standing still and proud amid the looking glass surface. All around it pinhead bubbles explode effervescently to the surface of my idyllic, imagined tree shrouded estate lake. The float dips beneath the surface, I strike hard and my traditional split cane rod bends into a fleeing fish as my centre pins screams...

While one could never replicate the genius of such a noted artist and wordsmith as “BB,” the idea for ‘Crucians at Bedtime’ was to write an eclectic mix of modern angling stories and essays, with lighter moments, largely centred around my personal experiences. If only I could supplement them with scraperboard drawings….

But within the 25 chapters and 75,000 words spanning the pursuit of virtually all coarse and game species, there are many hopefully, enjoyable, and amusing stories, some which mix fact with fiction, whilst relayed, often over a pint, to the author by friends and associates during his 55 years as an angler.

Angling in all its many guises, including the written word, should always restore human equilibrium and replenish the soul. One should feel invigorated afterwards with laughter at the core of each expedition by water.

Hopefully, the stories, whether ‘real’ or ‘reel’, within ‘Crucians at bedtime’ can do just that, just as “BB’s” tales did for me -over half a century ago.