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    Default New National Angling Survey

    Has anyone else had an email request to take part in this survey?

    I found a lot of the questions stupid and irrelevant, got part the way through and just gave up. I first thought it might lead to more improvements to rivers/lakes and other habitat, but it seems to concentrate more on on personal well being and self-satisfaction.

    Shame, it was signed off by Tom Sherwood, someone I've known for some years.

    What do you think and is it a missed opportunity and/or waste of time. Here it is if you haven't yet seen it.
    National Angling Survey
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    Default Re: New National Angling Survey

    I completed this survey earlier today. What stupid questions! The EA obviously hasn't clue of what the real issues are - or is it a case of heads in sand. Given the opportunity I let 'em have it!

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    Default Re: New National Angling Survey

    Humm some of the questions dont make much sense and other questions were not asked .

    obviously looking for skewed results ..

    PG ...
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    Default Re: New National Angling Survey

    Completed the survey earlier today, but agree that some Q’s are banal, and not holding out much hope that anything will change.

    I hope I am proved wrong.

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    Default Re: New National Angling Survey

    I would suggest the health and wellbeing questions were probably in there as a means to extract money from the likes of Sport England. If you have folks queuing up with the suggestion that angling can benefit their physical (which few really believe) and mental health (damned difficult to prove) then extracting cash from various bodies becomes a little easier.

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    Default Re: New National Angling Survey

    I completed mine last Sunday and wondering was this sent to a limited number of Anglers or everyone who the EA had an email address for? Just thinking about my chances in the prize draw!

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