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  1. Default Lidl temperature sensor

    Does anyone know if this would do a job for measuring surface temps? I'm not sure of its' range or whether it works with water:-

    Infrared Thermometer - at Lidl Ireland

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    Default Re: Lidl temperature sensor

    From what I understand IR thermometers don't work well on reflective surfaces. You get the temperature of whatever is being reflected.

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    Default Re: Lidl temperature sensor

    In short, no it won’t … I use a dip type of thermometer around £5.00 to buy

    SF Fly Fishing Trout Accessories Stream Side Fahrenheit Thermometer 30F to 100F | eBay
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    ok I thought not but it would have been very handy.

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    Why would you want to measure the surface temperature?

    It's cheaper to buy an alcohol type thermometer for a few pounds, put it in your landing net and dip it in the river for a few minutes at the start of fishing.

    On a hot windless summer's day, the surface temperature of a pond or lake will be higher than the rest of the water.

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