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    Default Pure Fishing guarantee

    My two Greys Toreon Tactical float rods developed the same problem on Monday. The nose of the reel seat screw came detached from the rest of the cork. Phoned them up Tuesday, "send the butt sections back, we'll get them replaced". Courier picked them up Wednesday. Expecting the worst of course as they're both over 12 months old. Two complete brand new rods arrived some time today FOC. Not sure what time, I was busy out blanking, again I'd rather it hadn't happened of course but can't complain about the service, credit where credit's due.

    There's always the potential for it to happen again assuming the design hasn't changed, there's very little cork attaching the nose to the rest of the cork. With the new ones I'm going to put some self adhesive heat shrink on which should prevent it happening again.

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    Default Re: Pure Fishing guarantee

    AH yes..shrink tube. What a wonderful invention.

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    Default Re: Pure Fishing guarantee

    A great result Gordon!

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