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    Ok folks heres one for you all.My fishing buddy just passed his driving test and is letting me pick somewhere for us to fish around new year.He says anywhere within a 100mile radius of lincoln.Now that gives us plenty of options but i cant choose as there are alot of waters in that area and then some!

    Would have to be for species that are feeding so chub/roach/pike/perch/zander?
    But so many to choose from, so come on guys where would you guys go for????
    We both want somewhere new to us both and that could be just about anywhere!
    Would prefer a runnning water though so feel free to reccomend anywhere you guys like to fish!
    Thanks peeps!
    And happy christmas to you all

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    Paul get on the internet and have a search mate. Try and pick somewhere easy to navigate to. Its no fun doing a long road trip and getting lost at the last minute especially if your mate is a newbie driver, it will ruin your friendship.

    Whatever you do enjoy yourselves and have lots of fun.

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    Yeh im starting to narrow it down to a few, was maybe thinking the river dove or maybe wisbeach way for some zander as i have never fished for them before.
    Would love somwhere with really nice country side as all i have is fens and fens gets a bit much!
    That way i can look at the view while i blank!

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