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    Ron Clay Guest


    In the latest mag you can read all about how to catch big pussies and even a kitten. Written of course by our illustrious web master.

    In addition there is a whole whost of good reading for the princely sum of 65p.

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    Matthew White Guest


    Hi Ron,

    I was given a free copy of the Angling Star when I went to the Angling North Show in Doncaster a couple of months ago.

    I thought it was an excellent read! Its good to see a magazine mentioning my region, the North East.

    Is there a website or a phone number I can use to subscribe to the mag Ray, as it never seems to be in any of my local newsagents?


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    Gerry Castles Guest


    Is it available 'dahn sarf'? never seen it in London

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    Mike Parker Guest


    whoops I thought the theme was about something entirely different }

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Suggest you phone 0114 2767676 and ask for subscriptions department.

    Angling Star costs 11.60 for 12 issues posted throughout UK.

    Its the best 11 quids worth you will ever spend.

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    Davy North Guest



    The last issue of Angling Star was widely available in the newsagents around Middlesbrough and Billingham, so imagin it's working it's way further north. Which can only be a good thing.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I have been told that Sheffield Newspapers has just aquired a supreme wizkid who is s..t-hot at distributing magazines.

    People in Lincoln have Angling Stars, yet it's not available in Sheffield until the end of this week!!!

    I wonder what that means?

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    Curly Guest


    When I saw the title, I was in like Flynn. God, Ron, you know how to catch blokes attention ;-)))

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Got one in Wolves today!!.....mentioned on another thread.

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    Stuart Johnson Guest


    Ron, AS is also available in the Stockport area.

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