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    Default Watercraft and mini species challenge!

    Specifically to give pointers to any inexperienced anglers or frustrated anglers who just need that little bit of help in the watercraft department.

    What do I need to do to find bleak? Minnow, Bullheads....

    I have found my local Minnows when light ledgering for other species and on the poundshop pole (sold in poundland 2016) give excellent sport one after the other, 3s Sticklebacks I have caught on single pinkies, Gudgeon have shown and are like Barbel on low diameter lines giving excellent takes and so Dace ....but if I am honest to myself I cannot say I could find them if I wanted to because generally I carry small scaled down set ups with me that permenantly live in my rodholdal so never quite set out to target the smaller ones unless they show when hoping to target something bigger and they are NOT showing at all.

    How would a dedicated Gudgeon officianardo set out his stall for a specimen, after location (which is where I get stuck) what else would be helpful to know regarding the small species? Am I safe to assume it is more reliant on location than even bigger fish who can be "baited up"?

    Any tips or watercraft or methods would be very much in appreciation.
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    Default Re: Watercraft and mini species challenge!

    The only thing I know about minnows is I used to see them in the clear water on a river in the upper reaches. I used to enjoy just watching them for 5 mins. Bleak used to be iin huge shoals along the Thames around Staines in the little cut backs in the bank. Gudgeon I never spotted but they turn up now and again. A single maggot on a small hook was the best method although I don't fish for them but seemed to catch a few like that. Was it a bottle attached to a bit of string with some bread in it that was the go to method, sure it was.
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