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    Default least stretchiest mono ?

    Any pointers on the least stretchiest mono for feeder fishing ?

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    Default Re: least stretchiest mono ?


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    Default Re: least stretchiest mono ?

    Platypus low-stretch from ebay.
    What poundage (or diameter) ideally looking for?
    Drennan supplex fluoro is excellent for light ledgering (6lb) I use for my Chub fishing and it gives a good ping to the hook from distance.
    Braid is a good alternative on the reel but you need to be confident of or give care to knowing the tolerance of your wet knot strength/s when using braid, as this stuff can and will slip off at the swivel if not tied correctly..of learning an albright special you can use braid as a reel line and have fluoro or low stretch mono as your hooklink (just an idea 💡).
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    Default Re: least stretchiest mono ?

    The best I have used is Shimano Technium.

    It has very low stretch, approx 10%m, very little "memory" and high knot strength. . . .

    It is not cheapest line out there, but then the best rarely is . . . . and you might have to seek it out as not all shops carry it.

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    Default Re: least stretchiest mono ?

    The one with the least stretch I have tried myself would be drennan double strength.

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    Default Re: least stretchiest mono ?

    Not the cheapest but exceptionally good - click HERE
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
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