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    Default Freezing the bait on the hook?

    This is probably more for sea angling because I could not think of a bait or circumstance where it would suit coarse angling however, maybe!
    It was a tin of spray that froze the bait on the hook so you could cast it hard a long way and it would not come off; once it was in the water for a minute it thawed back to a nice soft bait. It was in a tackle shop and cost £6, never seen it before.
    I can see its potental for sea baits like lug and sandeels which I fish with. I have a good way of hooking sandeels but still have to be a bit careful when casting long distance. Any potential for coarse baits?

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    Default Re: Freezing the bait on the hook?

    ICECAP BY ARMARGE - Icecap pipe-freeze kits and cans unique inbuilt thermometers in sleeves take guesswork out of pipe-freezing

    Plumbing suppliers stock various brands .
    I used to use one for deadbaits in my piking days.
    Very effective....

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    Default Re: Freezing the bait on the hook?

    Sardines for pike fishing can be notoriously difficult when thawed out and can break up on the cast.
    Big DIY stores do a similar product used by plumbers to freeze pipes temporarily to give time to do small repairs.
    I would happily consider using it if I knew for definate that it's contents were harmless.
    Great concept tho !

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