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Thread: Angler paradise

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    I know not posted for a fair few months but one thing leads to another I have not been fishing since last September. But me and old chap having a week in anglers paradise on 1st week of July. Never fished there before . Not going after the cats or the speci carp more the unushal species along with some floater fishing for some koi .

    Will take my drennan 13ft acolyte float rod and a 1.5lb avon for floater fishing . Will end up buying a new 10ft feeder rod too before i go .

    Any pointers welcome


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    Hi Matt,I've been there twice quite a few years back now,I didn't fish the koi pond,wasn't that bothered,but the tench lake(actually shaped like a tench)I enjoyed very much,I did very well on big knobs of pellet paste feeding 6mms,the biggest problem on virtually all the lakes is the amount of tiny orfe,an absolute pain and I found Zig not that helpful,even though he chats about the fishery,I went for a week both times and it's too short and you can't afford to waste too many days,it is very nice there and well looked after,both accommodation and the fishery...

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    I went there 10 years running mate, i did not fish for the cats and large carp but the orimental lakes I had quite a deep knowledge of.

    The small fish witty speaks of are not orfe they are golden rudd, zig introduced them a decade or so back, I remember the place before they took hold. Unfortunately they have out bred the other orimental species, helped the cats to grow large (according to zig) in my eyes ruined the place. Nowadays on the orimental lakes you need to go to recently netted lakes, where the rudd are less in numbers. Unfortunately.

    Sorry to say but the 4lb line lakes are poor now in comparison to 10 years ago, goldern tench have shrunk massively the place lost its magic for me.

    If you want any tips I would be glad to help, however I'm not the right guy to speak about cats and large carp. I think the specimen fishing is better than ever now, they have just netted speci carp last time I was there.
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